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March 2018



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Party Week at the Lake House

I took a nap Sunday afternoon and when I woke up Jude had arrived, and so had Craig with The Cuteness. Craig could only stay one night but Jude and The Cuteness stayed all week.

At this point most of the week is a blur. My family are mostly early risers. And the fact that the house faced east and got the full sunrise encouraged early rising. We would get up between 6 and 7 for breakfast. Then some activity would occur: hiking Watkins Glen, a Wine Tour, a shopping trip, and then lunch. Then I would usually take a nap. Then dinner on the deck and hanging out til everyone went to bet between 9 and 10.

I got spend a couple of hours in the jacuzzi almost every day. It was not very hot and we turned the temperature down so the kids could play. Although they also swam in the lake. I didn't go down to the lake because the path was too steep for me.

On Tuesday there was a full moon, which was beautiful in a clear sky. Jude built up a fire in the fire pit and we did a full moon ritual.

Wednesday we drove back to Ithaca to check on the cats, and have lunch at the Ithaca Beer Company Taproom. I took a picture of Jude playing dots and boxes with the Cuteness in the Taproom.

Friday was the big party day. Lots of friends came and we had a lovely picnic on the deck. We had spiedies marinated in my spiedie marinade, and dad's recipe for baked beans and german potato salad. And a nice spinach salad with mushrooms and artichoke hearts.

And Fran made two lovely Schwarzwälder Kirschtortes.

My friend Rauncie arrives early and we took a dip in the jacuzzi. During the party we closed the Jacuzzi so there wouldn't be too much screaming from the children. But after my family went to bed my friends and I opened it up again and had a nice cool dip, and watched the Delta Aquariids meteor shower.

I don't think I slept much last night. We got up at around 6:30 and were out of the house by 9am. There was a bit of excitement when I couldn't find my are keys. I thought I was going to have to ask Jude to drive back to Ithaca to see if I left them in my apartment on Wednesday. But luckily Song found them in my C-PAP bag.

We had brunch at Curly's dinner in Watkins Glen. Which was quite nice. But I was crashing by then and had to leave. Jude followed me home and brought stuff up from my car for me. Which I am very grateful for. It would have taken me all week to bring that stuff up.

I slept from noon til 7:30 pm. And I still feel a bit tired and sore.

It was a good week. Jude was a blessing. As The Cuteness declared "Jude is AWESOME!"


For the short time I was there, I had a great time!
I got home at one, loved the Jazz cat, and went to sleep in the couch for roughly two hours. I am dehydrated and still very tired, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It was EXACTLY what I needed after work debacle. And I still have a day off tomorrow!