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October 2018



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Song's Wedding and The Cuteness comes for a visit.

Last week went way too fast. I slept a lot to recover from the party week. But I also had to make a tabard and shawl for Song's wedding. I managed to get everything finished in time. And I even got to the site before the Bride.

Song wanted to have a wedding to herself. A big fancy ceremony where she declared herself sufficient alone. An adulting ceremony. The ceremony was very nice. It took place on a blue wooden bridge over a lily pond full of koi fish. Craig cast the circle with a very nice stag antler staff and was the east challenge. Song arrived in a silver cloak and had to pass four challenges as she crossed the bridge. Mowg was the south challenge, she was very intense. Tracy was the west challenge, in the middle of the bridge. And I was the north. When she got to me I essentially administered wedding vows. Self care is the challenge of earth. Than she threw off her cloak and I helped put up her wings. Unfortunately the wings had gotten twisted and did not go up as easily as I had hoped. But they were still pretty. I look forward to the pictures.

Then we hung out for an hour until dinner was served. The Mirbeau spa in Skaneateles is beautiful and the food is first class. After dinner the bride and some of the guest went to take advantage of the spa. I took The Cuteness home with me. I get to keep her for a week while Song has a "honeymoon" with her self.

Saturday we went grocery shopping and took back all the returnable bottles. Sunday we went out to pick up some eggs from my egg dealer. And I made The Cuteness a batch of playdough. Today she wants to go to the Science Center.

She has been helping me clean out the apartment by taking things down to the car, or the dumpster, for me. Today we can go to the recycling center and get rid of some more stuff. I'm feeling pretty productive.

The Cuteness has decided she wants to sleep in my bed with me, like we did at the lake house. It makes her feel safe. I think I sleep better with her there too. People are not really meant to sleep alone. The cats are getting used to her. Daisy let The Cuteness brush her. And last night Ninshubur actually slept next to her for a little while.

Having a child around is exhausting. She is full of energy. But we are working things out. She is very good at keeping herself entertained.


I'm glad things are working out!

She is a Good Helper.

You're right about the co sleeping thing. She loves joining me on the weekends. I'm glad you are having fun and keeping up.