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October 2018



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Labor Day Weekend

I spent the weekend at Song's. It was quiet. I decided to not try to do too much. We watched a nature documentary called "How to Grow a Planet". It was a very good show. And I only made her stop it a few of times so I could go on a rant. The only rants I can remember were about: whether our primate ancestors started standing up so they could look over the grass or to carry courtship gifts (they went with the grass theory), how minerals turn into limestone (they didn't say), and whether wheat was cultivated to make bread or beer (I prefer the beer theory).

I crocheted a neckline for one of my shirts, and fixed a couple of rips. I worked on a crocheted recycled bag project I keep down there to keep my hands busy.

Now if I can just find my little embroidery hoops I have some ideas for embroidering some of my shirts.

I think I'm allergic to something on Song's couch. My forearms and lower legs have developed a rash. We'll see if it goes away now that I'm home.

For Labor Day I talked Song into grilling some sausages while The Teenager and I washed dishes and made chocolate cookies. Now my clothes smell like smoke and I wasn't even outside. But I like it when my clothes smell like smoke.

I call it a successful weekend. I feel good.


"...but I like it when my clothes smell like smoke."
Yes! So cute! (honest)
I love these sweet, simple recounting of your days. Especially this one.
Thank you.
I am trying to really make this a journal.
Sometimes I look back and have no idea what I was doing with my time, and these posts help me remember.