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March 2018



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Autumn Leave, Modern Magic, Bitten, and New Neighbors.

It's been almost a week since I posted. I needed to recover from my Labor Day weekend. It's been hot and muggy. It is very hard for me to get things done when I'm so hot. and I get sweat rashes. Swimming is a great way for me to get exercise without the sweat rashes. But that doesn't help for getting things done around the house. And the flies this time of year are driving me crazy. They aren't the usual cluster flies either. This year they are smaller faster biting flies. I'm looking forward to winter killing them all.

Marilyn and I started reading "Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts" by Donald Michael Kraig. We did that on Tuesday and Friday.

Wednesday, was my monthly lunch with Marilyn and Anne. We went to Old Mexico this month.

Yesterday, Marilyn helped me empty my car of recyclables. Then we went to Autumn Leaves, the used book store on The Commons, to look at Tarot decks.

MM requires you to have a particular kind of Tarot deck. I already own a Rider-Waite-Smith deck but Marilyn has some kind of Hippie deck. I wish I could find my old Desert Oracle. That was one freaky deck. I'm afraid I gave it away because I didn't use it very often, and now I can't find another copy for love or money. I want to start using my Dixit decks more often. I need to make carrying cases for them.

I ended up buying some "Women of the Otherworld" books by Kelley Armstrong. Someone gave me the 3rd and 4th books in the series and I haven't read them yet because I wanted to start at the beginning. The first two books are about a female werewolf. They made a TV series based on them, called "Bitten". The 3rd and 4th books are about Witches. I don't think the TV series kept very closely to the plots of the books.

MM also requires that we keep Dream Journals. Marilyn gave me a couple of spiral notebooks. I decorated one and keep it by bed to write down my dreams. It seems like an interesting exercise.

We have new tenants in apartment 4. They appear to be a Muslim couple. I met the woman outside. She was wearing a hajab and long sleeves. I said hi to her and introduced myself. We shook hands and I welcomed her to the building. Yesterday I met the man while I was taking out my garbage. He was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. He declined to shake my hand because he "doesn't shake hands". But he did offer to take my garbage to the dumpster for me. I felt a little weird about that. He wouldn't touch my hand but he would touch my stinky garbage bag. Apparently it is a religious thing about not touching people of the opposite sex unless you are having sex with them. Which explains why the woman shook my hand and the man will probably shake hands with other men. That is life in a diverse neighborhood. And he did take my garbage to the dumpster for me, so that was nice.