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January 2019



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New Book Group, Art Outside.

Wednesday and Thursday were rest days. I really needed a rest break.

Today was the first meeting of our new "fiction" book group. Our first book is "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek", which is non-fiction. We may read "Ordinary Magic" next, which is also non-fiction. But these are fairly light, uplifting, reading.

After book group I went to Wegmans and picked up some fruit and fish for dinner. I don't get fish very often. I got a small piece of cod. I can dredge it on cornmeal and fry it up just like mom used to do. It is about the same size as the cod we used to catch up by the shore in Maine. Not a huge one like they catch out in the ocean. I would have liked a catfish fillet, but they only had them with the bones still in.

When I got home the neighbors in the next house were out on their porch so I went over and taught Bri and her friend how to make a simple Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign with the chalk I gave her for her birthday. They didn't have any twine so first I had to teach her how to make plarn out of a grocery bag. She and her friend complained about how hard it is to draw on the ground. But I think they had fun coloring it in. Bri said they were going to come over to my place for art classes. I would love that, if my apartment were in better condition. I guess I will have to work on that. And find my Hex Sign class materials.

I really need to get this "stuff" under control.