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March 2018



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Visit Dad and Spiritual Retreat.

This has been a very busy month so far.

I spent two weeks with my dad while my mom had knee replacement surgery. And in the middle of that I had a spiritual retreat at The Ashokan Center. I have not been home for all that time. Luckily for me Marilyn was willing to check on my cats for me.

I had lots of help while I was staying with dad. Gina stayed with him while I was at Ashokan and Gaby is with him now. So that worked out.

We had one adventure with a fire alarm that kept beeping, but we couldn't find it. I pulled on my network of social support and Gene and Luann came over. Gene finally found the fire alarm sitting on top of the refrigerator, underneath the one attached to the wall. That was an exciting day. That alarm is like the one in my apartment that goes off if you set the oven to 400F. Which makes cooking exciting.

I really enjoyed the retreat. There were so many people there who were happy to see me and I really felt loved, and a sense of belonging. The workshops I gave on Crucial Conversations were not well attended. But I think I did a good job for the people who did attend. And I still want to do it again next year. It's important information. It's useful and it's not controversial.

They had a golf cart for ferrying people around this year and that really helped me.

I'm home now. The cats are following me everywhere. Ninshubur is very needy. And I'm catching up on my sleep.