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March 2018



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Five Geek Social Fallacies

I can remember being guilty of all of these fallacies at one time or another.

Five Geek Social Fallacies by Michael Suileabhain-Wilson

Here is something else I stumbled into
True Morality: Rational Principles for Optimal Living by Peter Voss.

I am interested in a rational basis for morality. I have only skimmed the article so far and I am not too impressed with his arguments, I hope it gets better.


All I Want Is A Room Somewhere....

Every carrier of GSF4 has, at some point, said:

"Wouldn't it be great to get all my groups of friends into one place for one big happy party?!"

If you groaned at that last paragraph, you may be a recovering GSF4 carrier.

Guilty as charged.
I think some of those fallacies could be renamed for greater clarity.

And this bit, "It is surprisingly common for a carrier, when faced with two friends who don't get along, to simply drop one of them" has absolutely nothing to do with geeks. I find it the other version of it, the friend who demands that you drop the friend they don't like, far more common outside of geekdom than in, actually.


Variant statement for GSF#4....

I don't think I've ever wished to have a great big party where all my friends were invited, but I have wished to have a great big house/old hotel where all my friends would have keys and private space to live there (if they so choose) for as long as they might wish.

As far as a big party with all my friends.... I might invite all my friends, but I'd do so with the expectation that if two of my friends don't get along, that's their problem to deal with, and I shouldn't try to play peace-maker.