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October 2018



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Very Busy Couple of Days: Binghamton Promise Zone

Thursday was a very busy day for me. I got up early to get packed. I had my chiropractor appointment at 10:30. I was early for that and she was able to see me right away. After that I went to the waste management center and dropped off my recycling, which really freed up some space in my car. Then I had my oil changed at Bruce's Pit Stop (all the real Ithaca people know that is the best place for oil changes) Then I want to Wegmans and returned my returnable bottles and did some shopping and got lunch. Then I went back to my apartment to pick up my pills which I had forgotten. Then I drove down to Binghamton.

The Teenager had asked me to be a guest speaker for his Promise Zone program at school. I had arranged with his teacher to help them with their recycled crochet mat project. I was so early that I went to Song's house and unloaded my car. Grandma A and The Cuteness showed up and I had a nice chat with Grandma A. Before I went to the school. I was able to get a very good parking space right next to the Oak St entrance and The Teenager came right out to escort me in. The walk to the classroom was really too long for me. I almost collapsed. I really need to get that electric cart. I can't do this sort of thing without a cart.

The young people in this program were very nice. I went over the project and gave individual instruction to the ones who were struggling with it.

I took three ativan and two Tramadol to make it through the evening. I think the Tramadol is an appetite suppressant for me. They had pizza and offered me some several times but I had no interest in it. That is very unusual for me in a social situation.

The walk out of the school was shorter but I was in a lot of pain by then.

Song ordered Chinese food for dinner. I had intended to come home on Friday morning but my Bi-PAP machine failed to turn on, so I was tired, and I was in pain. So I stayed a second night.

I ordered pizza for the family Friday. I keep trying to get the children to like good pizza instead of Pizza Hut. I'm not really succeeding. Because children have no taste. I also had not realized that Song does not eat tomato sauce or pepperoni at all any more because of her sensitive stomach. So, she can't even eat plain cheese pizza. I had ordered a green salad and a spinach wheel but Song doesn't eat salads and couldn't eat the spinach wheel because it had pepperoni in it.

I spent most of Friday crocheting and organizing the plastic bags for making plarn.

I called Aprea about my Bi-PAP machine. They said they would call me back. But they didn't. My machine didn't work Friday night either. The Teenager came downstairs at 2am. And since I wasn't sleeping we watched Supernatural all night. We finished season 10. When Song got up she helped me get my stuff to my car and I came home.

I called Aprea again and they said they would call me back, again. I'm thinking they might call back on Monday.

Luckily for me my Bi-PAP machine started working again when I was home. I think it is an electrical problem. Also I did some percussive maintenance. I really need a new machine. They should just send me a new machine and bill my insurance. I have a proscription. I need the machine.

Anyway, I slept for most of the day. Now I feel better. I will try to get more sleep.

Monday I have a Chiropractor appointment again. Tuesday I have my annual eye exam. Wednesday I have therapy.

PS: I totally forgot about St Nicholas Day!!! St Nicholas Day is Dec 6. But since I wasn't going to be there then, I filled their shoes with candy and nuts on Thursday night after they went to bed.

The Teenager got up first and spent several minutes scolding me for filling his shoes with candy on a school day. Song didn't even notice. I think because her shoes were upstairs and didn't get filled. But I think I would have noticed all the oranges. I put an orange in every shoe I put candy in so they would know to empty the shoe before they tried to put their foot in.

I had asked The Cuteness to line up all the shoes before she went to bed. Song thought I was just being OCD. I had hoped she would think I was just trying to keep The Cuteness busy because she was pretending to be a cat. Song also noticed that I had brought oranges but she didn't connect that to the time of year and my habit of putting candy and oranges in their shoes.


You surprise me every year.

That's great, doing the public speaking.

What is plarn?

My C-PAP refused to work last night until I unplugged it from the wall and plugged it into my surge protector. I checked all the connections. Something must be going around (Twilight Zone music).
I didn't even think of it as public speaking. I thought of it as teaching.

Plarn is Plastic Yarn, specifically yarn made by cutting plastic bags into strips. The most common method is to cut the bags into loops and hook the loops together.

I like to cut a continuous spiral strand. This makes a very fine plarn similar to standard yarn. When I use produce bags I get an even finer plarn that feels almost silky. I made a holder for my iPod out of produce bags.

I have another method where I cut the two handle sides of making very heavy 4-ply plarn for heavy mats, and use the single ply center pieces for lighter projects.

Most plarn is made from grocery bags but it can be made from any plastic film.

My PAP machine has been on the fritz for a while. It is old and needs to be replaced.