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January 2019



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Home From The Holidays!

A lot has gone one since I last posted.

On Thursday I got my new scooter!! It's shiny! It's a three wheeled electric bike. I feel like I should join a biker gang. The lift I bought to help me get the scooter in and out of my car is not going to work. The scooter is too big to fit in the trunk. It won't fit in the back seat either. Since I live in an apartment and I can't lug it up the flight of stairs it is siting in my open trunk now. It takes two strong people to get it in. The delivery man was nice enough to load it directly off the truck and into my trunk.

The first thing I did was drive to the local Best Buy and use my scooter to go inside and buy a new laptop. I got the cheapest MacBook Air they had. So that is done. Now I should have fewer problems getting online. And I can do some work on projects that were waiting on a new computer. Like updating the family cookbook and cataloging my library. (Now that Jude has volunteered to curate my library when I die I'm much more excited about building a collection that future BW students can use.)

When I got out of the store I discovered that I wasn't strong enough to get the scooter back into the trunk of my car. I had to call Anne and ask if her husband David would come help. They came as soon as they could. David pointed out that I could have asked the staff in the Best Buy. I guess I was too embarrassed to ask strangers. And really the workers in Best Buy are not paid to help people get in and out of their cars. But I guess I need to get better at asking for help from strangers. David went into the store and got an employee to come out and help him.

I called Hunts, my garage, and asked them if they could install a scoter lift. They said they have never done such a thing. I called the local Toyota dealership and asked if they could do it. They said they had never done such a thing or even been asked to before. But they suggested HighWay Hi-Fi, a local business that installs audio-video equipment in cars. They said they would be willing to try and would do some research for me. I know that the local Harbor Freight store sells scooter lifts for about $100. I just don't know if one could be attached to my car. And I'm not physically capable of attaching it anyway. We shall see what happens.

Friday I had to leave early for a 10:30am appointment to have my Bi-PAP machine checked out in Endwell, that is an hour's drive. The appointment took about 5 minutes. They plugged in the machine. It did it's thing (turn on, turn off, beep!, turn on, turn off, beep!). They said "Yep, it's broken. We'll file the paperwork and get back to you."

So I went to Song's house. I plugged it in there to give it plenty of time to settle in and start working. It beeped until about 10:30pm before it started working. But at least I got a good night's sleep.

Friday night I mixed the Turkish Pepper (Salmiakki) candy with the vodka and set it to dissolve. The result was a thick syrup. But it is very tasty and I want to make more. I'm going to have to order more Turkish Pepper next time. Also Song was irritated with me for not following the recipe properly, so we will have to do it again anyway.

Saturday I made my Dwarf Bread, sugar cookies, and gingerbread cookies and started my poppyseed and almond rolls. Then I went to dinner at my parent's house. Gina and her family were there. I helped Forrest practice for a spelling test. We had wonderful Bouillabaisse and Gina made some kale and cheese tarts. I even ate some of the broccoli. Then we sang carols. It's fun to sing the 12 Days Of Christmas with different people taking the verses. I was "Five Gold Rings" and "Seven Swans a Swimming".

When I got home Song helped me bake the poppyseed bread. My Bi-PAP machine had stopped again and I wasn't sure if it was going to start. It finally started around midnight so I got a good night's sleep.

Sunday The Cuteness woke me up at 7:30 so she could open her presents. They got mostly video games. So it was a video game morning. I iced the sugar cookies.

Then Song helped me pack my car and I went to my parent's for Christmas day dinner. Mom had made a prime rib roast, with roasted carrots, and potatoes. It was excellent.

Now I'm home again. Dixit 7 Revelations was waiting for me when I got home. Half the deck has gold foil. I'm very excited to try using it for divination. The images are very mythic and folkloric.

I'm also looking forward to getting some rest this week. I have a lot to do.


And amused! I was both! (^_^)

I'm glad to hear that you had a fun time!