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January 2019



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Sleep at last

It has been a week since my Bi-PAP machine last worked. I went to bed around 7pm last night because I was so tired I was having trouble standing up.

Around midnight I woke up from a nightmare where I couldn't breathe. I had a splitting headache, because oxygen deprivation gives me splitting headaches. While I was up I went to the bathroom and fantasized about going to the emergency room just so the insurance would have to pay the $1000 emergency room charge for refusing to give me a new machine so I could breathe when I sleep.

I still put the face mask on when I try to sleep. When it does it's little "on, off, beep" cycle it sometimes gives me a brief puff of air which I figure is better than nothing. And my O2 runs through the mask, so I figure that gives me a little positive pressure.

When I got back to bed I accidentally knocked the Bi-PAP machine off the table and it started working. Of course I can't turn it off now or it might not come back on. But at least I got some sleep. My head isn't killing me. And I feel a little better.

But I also have a stuffed up nose. So even with a working machine I'm having trouble breathing. I need some more Nyquel. Just sitting here awake I'm having trouble breathing because I'm so stuffed up.

I was so out of it last night that I left my phone in the car. I need to go get it. But I also need to get some more sleep. I'll try to get it later. or maybe tomorrow. I really need some sleep.