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October 2018



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Dr Who

Got to keep on top of those drug prices.

Wegmans pharmacy called me twice this week to let me know two drugs I take daily have gone up in price $100/month each. Diovan and Vytorin. These are not optional drugs.

At first I thought it might just be my spend down. That kicks in on the first of the year. Then I thought it might have something to do with Medicaid. But it that turns out not to be the case.

$200 a month is a quarter of my monthly income from disability. That is a lot of money for me. I have family who would help me, but still that is a lot of money for them too.

I called Medicare and they were not helpful at all. Really. I explained my problem and the woman didn't say anything at all. I thought maybe we had been disconnected. She assured me that she was still there and then fell silent again. I asked her if there was anything she could do about this problem and she said no, drug prices are not Medicare's problem I should take it up with my prescription drug insurer, the card I use to pay for my prescriptions. I have never used anything but my Medicare and Medicaid cards to pay for my prescriptions. I do get these statements from a company called Silverscript. She told me to call them. I didn't say thank you when I hung up because she hadn't done anything to help me.

Silverscript was very helpful. The customer care representative looked up my case and was very distraught at how much I was being charged. She looked into why the charge had gone up and said that these medications had moved to the next higher tier. I could get the Diovan back down by getting a generic. (I'm fine with generics) But the Vytorin has no generic so I would need a tier exemption. She stayed on the line with me, got authorization from my doctor, and helped me file for a tier exemption. I won't know if I get the exemption for 72 hours. But I feel that she did everything she could to help me. If I don't get the exemption I can try calling the drug company and getting a discount from them.


I am glad the drug program side was so helpful. The Medicare rep may have been brain dead from people freaking out over the ACA repeal. Or she was playing Gattaga.