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January 2019



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As of Thursday Night.

So, after I posted on Wednesday morning The Teenager and I went out to the car to run our errands (recycling, shopping) and the car wouldn't start. The lights worked, the electric windows worked. Everything electric worked but when I turned the key the starter didn't even click. That sounds like an starter problem to me. I called my mom. I called Hunts. I called my roadside assistance insurer. While I was on the phone one of the maintenance men asked me to check what gear I was in. He had noticed that my backup lights were on. The gear shift had gotten knocked into reverse, that is why the car wouldn't start. Once I put it on back in park it started just fine. So I had to call everyone back and cancel the emergency. The Teenager hit me with his book (not very hard) and yelled "Baka, baka, baka!" (which is Japanese for fool or idiot). Which I thought was a bit harsh.

The maintenance men mentioned that they were expecting the fire inspector to come back on Friday. I had hoped for more time.

Anyway, we did get to the recycling center before it closed. Then we went to Walmart and I picked up my New Glasses! They are great! Then we came home and I went to sleep. I was very tired and sore. But I did manage to clean another section of my bedroom.

This morning I remembered that I had a Chiropractor appointment. I can feel my knee bones grinding against each other and I am sore from all the work I have been doing, so I really need to see her.

The Teenager came with me and we dropped off some books at the Friends of the Library, made another recycling run, got gas, and worked on a secret project I have going.

We also stopped by the FedEx to try to arrange for them to pick up a huge box I need to return to sender. FedEx was not fun to work with. I had tried to arrange the pick up using their website Wednesday night. And they had sent me a receipt. But when I tried to check to make sure it was going to be picked up they said the tracking number wasn't in the system. So I was in their office trying to straighten things out. They couldn't help. Well, they were willing to print out my shipping label for free after I emailed it to them. But other than that they said I had to call their automated line. That was not much help either since it just kept insisting that I had to enter a tracking number and I didn't have one. Eventually I just had to go back on their website and request the pick up again. I hope they come pick up the box tomorrow.

Then we came home and I took another nap for an hour before Marilyn dropped by and I made lunch. She sat with me while I cleaned up the kitchen a bit. It's still a mess but it is better than it was. After that I cleaned off some shelves in my bedroom and The Teenager brought me books and craft supplies from the living room. I filled four shelves with books. And I managed to get a bunch of my craft supplies wrangled.

The last thing The Teenager and I did tonight was wrangle the huge box. It weighs 112 lbs. I'm not sure The Teenager weighs that much.

That boy has no mechanical sense at all. I kept saying "It's basic physics! How can you not know this!" I really regret not accepting the offer from the maintenance men to take out boxes for me. I didn't ask them to move the huge box because there is no place for it to go. But it was a struggle for me and the boy. Right now it is at the top of the stairs. If the Fire Inspector objects they can take it outside.

The living room is still a mess. I had hoped shelving all those books would have made a bigger dent. But it didn't. We have to get up early tomorrow and just try to pick things up. I wanted to do more tonight but wrangling the huge box took a lot out of both of us.

I need to sleep and hope I can start fresh in the morning and get things clearer before the inspector shows up. The huge box was a major problem and it is out of the apartment now. I think if the inspector can walk to all the windows without tripping over anything I will be OK.

I really need another week of what The Teenager and I have been doing to really get things in order.


You do have permission to bap the Teenager with a cookbook or snap him with a towel for his insolence.