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October 2018



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Make Magic

Overnight Oats!

Quaker Oats has been advertizing Overnight Oats. You mix oats with milk, fruit, spices, and nuts and leave it in the fridge and eat it for breakfast.

It's more like cold cereal than traditional hot oatmeal. I went to their web site and mined it for ideas. Then I went to some other sites and got more ideas.

I put them all in one document. I have mostly been eating quick oats with frozen blueberries and maple syrup. But I also tried the Carrot Cake variety, with raisins. And peanut butter with protein powder.

Today I went grocery shopping and got some chia seeds and rolled oats. So I can try some other ideas. Frozen fruit works very well for this because the fruit keeps well, and it has time to defrost overnight in the oatmeal.

People were very friendly and talkative at Wegmans this evening. My flowery hat might have had something to do with it. I get a lot of comments. I will have to get some more pictures.

I also got my new seat belt extender in the mail. I got the longest extender I could find. Seatbelts have never fit me right because I'm short and big busted. The shoulder strap keeps trying to choke me. With this new extra long extender the buckle meets right below my sternum. Now the shoulder strap fits correctly and doesn't try to choke me. I finally feel comfortable wearing a seatbelt.

UPDATE: The rolled oats are, surprisingly, softer and less like cold cereal than the quick oats. The texture was very close to cooked oatmeal. The Chia seeds seem to be a nutrition boost, they had no noticeable effect on flavor or texture. Wegmans frozen blueberries are almost indistinguishable from fresh.