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March 2018



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Birthday Lunch and Bi-PAP problems.

Apria contacted me and said the insurance company wants me to have a different machine. I packed up my machine and yesterday a man came to give me the new one and take away the old. After he left I opened up the box and found out there wasn't a mask. I had packed the old mask in with the old machine. So now I have a new machine with no mask.

In the past I could have called the office and they could have called the driver and he could have dropped back and returned my mask. But with the new international corporation I could only get hold of their answering service in India. And they said their service department would get back to me. They didn't of course. Because their customer service sucks. I called again today and they say they have ordered my mask returned to me but it might take 7-10 days. I tried calling Guthrie Med Supply to see if I could change my supplier but they said because I just got a new machine and mask my insurer will not let them send me a new machine or mask. I should have changed service providers when I got the new machine a couple of months ago. I'm not sure how long I will have to go without sleep. But when the last machine broke and I started having trouble thinking clearly after three days. Last night I just used my oxygen machine which has a little pressure. And my new wedge pillows might help.

I'm a Okay today. I had lunch at Spicy Asian with Anne and Marilyn. Gulsum was supposed to join us but she wasn't feeling well.

I ordered the sliced fish and special tofu hot pot. Which I really like and have ordered before. We also got the jumbo shrimp with black bean sauce, and the ribs and tofu skin hot pot. I don't think we have had either of those before and they were both good.