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October 2018



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Busy Busy Week.

So Friday my neighbor, Gulsum, asked me if I could help her friend Sare with some tax questions and banking problems. It was mostly translating since neither of them are native English speakers. That went pretty well. And I offered to drive Sare to the office of the tax agent on Saturday.

Saturday we had a nice visit but the tax agent asked us to visit another day because Sare's problem was not urgent. I went grocery shopping and picked up a leg of lamb. It was on sale for $3.99/lb.

Sunday I drove down to Binghamton to pick up The Teenager. Song and I roasted the leg of lamb and some Butternut Squash. And she helped me do some laundry. The Teenager helped me drop off some lamb for my parents and we came back to Ithaca.

This morning we packed up some recyclables, took out some garbage, went to the recycling center, picked up some plastic bins at Walmart, picked up some wine at Northside Liquor, and some groceries at Wegmans. I'm beat. That was a lot of running around for me.

My tulip hat fell apart after Wegmans. I will have to repair it. But I am about to replace the decorations anyway. I hope people like the crocheted sea creatures as much as they like the flowers.

I also found out something about my scooter. The back folds down, so I can put groceries there. I just have to make sure they don't fall off. Maybe put a box back there.

Update: After a nap I now have a terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side. Mostly sciatica, I think. It hurts any time I move my legs or hips. It will probably be worse in the morning. I hope my regular morning pain meds help. I'll check on my emergency pain meds. I may need to reorder.