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October 2018



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Make Magic

Jamaican Coq Soup

The Jamaican Coq Soup turned out quite good. If a bit bland. The idea of floating a whole pepper in the soup to get the flavor without the heat is good. I will try that again. But I expect more spice from a Jamaican recipe.

I had never worked with Chayote squash or Yuca root before. The Chayote squash has a very thin skin and tastes like zucchini. I would recommend zucchini as a substitute if you can't find Chayote.

The Yuca has a bark like skin and comes waxed. So I knew to skin that. It also can be very fibrous. It's a long thin root so I had trouble figuring out where the starchy part ended and the root part started. The flesh is very white and looks a lot like potato but has a slightly gummy texture. I need to make some Fufu out of it.

I new that Yucca and Yuca were two different plants. The recipe called for yucca, and I thought that was what the label in the store said. But apparently only yuca (cassava) is generally eaten, so only yuca (cassava) is sold in grocery stores. Yuca (cassava) is also the one that has cyanide in the skin and needs to be thoroughly cooked to avoid killing you. I wish there had been a sign about that in the store. But luckily I wasn't tempted to taste the raw cassava.

My left leg has returned to its usual state. It is only a little bit sore and will generally hold up if I give it some time to think about it. I am no longer is serious pain. And I still have one emergency pain pill left!