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March 2018



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REAF 2017

The Rochester Erotic Arts Festival was April 21-23 this year.

When I drove into the parking lot and saw people in fetish gear I felt that sense of coming home to "my people" that I don't get very often.

I was late getting to the Radisson in Rochester on Friday. This was my first time using the scooter in a major way. The hotel turned out to have some access problems. There is no elevator in the parking garage. The doors are not labeled for handicapped access. There are no automated doors for handicapped access. I had to keep waiting for more mobile people to open doors for me. I took the first entrance to the lobby and found out that the lift, that was necessary to get from the parking garage to the lobby from that door, was not working. So I had to go back out to garage and go down another level.

It took about an hour to check in. Half an hour was just waiting in line. But it took way too long to check in, especially since the room was pre-ordered. Radisson really needs to improve their check in procedure. It should not take 10-15 minutes for someone to check in for a pre registered room. And it was the procedure not the staff. My check in had no complication it just took her that long to process my identification and code my key.

I want to make clear that everyone was very nice to me. The other guests at the hotel were always helpful and considerate. And the Radisson staff was always willing to help. One staff member even volunteered to walk me to my car when I left. That was service exceeding my expectations, since he had to walk with me all the way to to the top of the parking garage.

The building was a different matter. The doorways were just barely wide enough for my scooter. I had to angle the scooter just right while trying to hold open a door with my other hand. It was not fun. And turning the scooter around inside the room was nightmare.

The elevators were Ok. I had just figured out that I could put down the back of my seat and use it to carry bags. But that made the scooter too long to fit in the elevator. Luckily for me it did fit with the back up. I could also fit three other people in the elevator with me and the scooter. Only 3 of the 4 elevators were working and I once waited for 20 minutes while they whooshed by my floor without stopping.

Having the scooter did make the event better for me. I was able to look at the art and the boothes and didn't feel absolutely miserable every time I had to go anywhere.

The Event was amazing as usual. I did a great job greeting people at the front gate and would like to do that again next year. I'm an enthusiastic greeter. I love sitting behind a table and talking to people. I got to see lots of people I knew from previous years, and catch up with them at the party table.

On Saturday I glittered up for my costume. I bought blue body glitter to make my skin blue. And I pinned El-Wire to my shirt. And wore crocheted sea creatures on my hat.
After all my work I forgot to wear my Ammonite fossil necklace on the day. And I left the two plush Moray eels at home in the rush out the door. I will have to try for the full costume some other day.

I had wanted to go to the play party this year. But I ended up being too tired by the end of the day. Maybe next year. I will be going next year. In spite of my mobility issues I really enjoy this event.