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October 2018



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Mother's Day Food.

I spent most of Mother's Day weekend cooking.

On Saturday I started off making Maple Bacon Crack. Well, I cooked the bacon. But Song assembled the rest. She thought it wasn't as good as the Saltine Brittle. It turns out it probably started as Saltine Brittle with Bacon.

Then we ran errands, got my tire fixed, and went grocery shopping. I picked up some Dippin' Dots at the grocery store. I had never had them before. They are an interesting novelty. But once they start melting they are just ice cream.

We had intended to make Fran's Italian pork roast for dinner but it turns out that the pork shoulder Song thought was in the fridge was actually in the freezer. that had to be put off to Sunday.

I did throw together a fast Sweet Beer Bread before I had to leave for dinner with my Mom. It did not turn out well. I mixed in the melted butter first and it came out lumpy and didn't rise properly.

Dinner with my Mom, my sister Gina, her husband David, and their children Forrest and Tanner at P S Restaurant. Which is a very nice restaurant. The children were delighted to see me. I got a children's place mat so I could play with them. (The word find was terrible! All but one of the words were horizontal, with no overlaps. Half of the words were backwards, which I think is cheating. And the one word that wasn't horizontal was bent in two places! On the other hand there were two solutions to the maze.)

Mom and Gina had a sparkling white wine, which came in it's own tiny bottle. We got a free fried dumpling to start. It was a vegetarian gyoza, deep fried and crispy, with a drizzle of spicy sauce.

I ordered a hot tea and the boys fought over helping me make it. I had to mediate. I love that they enjoy seeing me so much. They are adorable children. I wore my crocheted under-the-sea hat and they had fun playing with that.

I ordered the mushroom soup, the roasted beet salad, and the homemade gnocchi. The roasted beet salad was very nice. A handful of arugula, with four slices of roasted beets, candied walnuts and a drizzle of green goddess dressing. For dessert I had the "Upside Down Baked Alaska" That was a disk of meringue topped with a ball of vanilla ice cream rolled in toasted coconut, surrounded by sliced banana cooked in sugar syrup and drizzled with chocolate.

When I got back to Song's I was exhausted from the day.

Sunday I got cooking in earnest. First I got the pork roast started in the crock pot. Fran's Italian Pork Roast is a very simple recipe to put together. Once everything is in the crock pot you can let it go.

Then I made a second loaf of Beer Bread because my first loaf did not turn out. This time I poured the melted butter of the top of the batter. And it turned out much better. I used Belgian Winter Wheat beer, which is flavored with coriander and citrus. So I spiced it with more coriander and orange zest. And glazed it with orange zest and orange juice glaze.

I made biscotti out of some of the first loaf.

Then I started trying a new recipe for 1610 Rose Cakes. The first recipe I tried used the redacted version in the article. I tried them "dropped from a spoon" and pressed flat. They were Ok by a bit dry. I didn't have rose syrup or candied rose petals. So I just used rose water.

The second batch I tried used the my redaction of the original recipe:
"Take a pound of butter, and wash it in rose-water, and halfe a pound of sugar, and halfe a douzen spoonefulls of thicke Cream, and the yelkes of 4 Eggs, and a little mace finely beaten, and as much fine flower as it will wett, and worke it well together then roll them out very thin, and cut them with a glasse, and pricke them very thicke with a great pin, and lay them on plates, and so bake them gently.

Mistress Sarah Longe her Receipt Booke, c1610"

I accidentally used a full pound of sugar. But they turned out quite good. Not as dry as the first recipe. But I don't think I used enough flour, the dough was very soft and would not roll out and cut well. I used my #40 disher and pressed them flat with the bottom of a cup. They spread a little bit.

Then I made my favorite coconut Pound cake. I usually make this in bundt mold but I didn't have a bundt mold so I used two bread pans.

The cookes left me with 6 egg whites so the last thing I made was meringues.

I had intended to go home on Sunday but I was so exhausted from baking all day I didn't have the strength. So I stayed until Monday.
I left most of the baked goods with Song, and just took a sampling home with me.

The pork roast was great for dinner and Song has enough for lunches.