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January 2019



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Dr Who

A very busy week. (Crochet at Promise Zone)

So, on Monday when I got home I just wanted to sleep. But Marilyn came over and stayed for a couple of hours. And reminded me I had agreed to drive her around so she didn't have to rent a car while her's is in the shop.

Tuesday I had to drive to Danby to get a couple of bags of yarn for the workshop I'm doing on Thursday. A nice lady on Ithaca Freecycle donated two huge bags of yarn. One bag is a lot of little balls of light weight yarn and the other is of whole skeins of heavy weight yarn. Both are perfect for my workshop. The kids can choose to make small toys or large scarves and hats.

Then today I had to get up at 8am to call Marilyn and wake her up so I could meet her at the garage at 9am. After that we went to Denny's for breakfast. We got into a discussion with a man at the next table who is also using Golden Turmeric paste to control nerve pain in his leg. He was very enthusiastic about herbal remedies Marilyn was delighted.

After that we went to Wegmans to pick up some turmeric so she could make the golden paste herself. I got a bunch of fresh turmeric roots and some dried tamarind pods so I could make the authentic Indonesian version from whole ingredients, I already have a huge chunk of fresh ginger root.

Tomorrow I have to see my chiropractor then it is another drive down to Binghamton to teach crochet for the Promise Zone.