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October 2018



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yin yang cats

Yesterday Was Full of Blessings.

Thursday was the day I had to go down to Binghamton to teach crochet at Promise Zone.

I had a good start with my chiropractor in the morning. Then I got some mail about my prescription drug insurance and was able to put in a request for my drugs at Wegmans.

I had an uneventful drive down and got to the school at 3:30. The Teenager was waiting for me and helped me get my scooter out and carried all my bags of yarn.

I did my presentation and passed on the yarn and hooks I got from Sew Green. Everything went well.

Afterward, we met Song, The Cuteness, and Grandma A for dinner at Outback. I have not been to the Outback since it opened in Vestal. They make a good steak. I had the baked potato soup, a house salad, and broccoli with my steak. And I had a Wallaby Darned® (an Australian frozen peach Bellini). I had been wondering what I would have for dinner so it was a blessing that Song treated me to a special night out.

Then I drove home through sun and thunderstorms. It was rainbow weather. I saw a huge rainbow when I was passing through Dryden.

When I got home Bri, the girl from next door, was out. I chatted with her and made plans to do some crochet on Sunday.

Then Gulsum, my downstairs neighbor, came out and asked me in for cake. She had just made a walnut blueberry cake. I was still full from dinner. But I went in for tea and we sat and crocheted until midnight.

It was a very full day. But I feel blessed by my friends and I had a lovely time crafting and hanging out with everyone.

I would have liked to have stayed in and recovered today, but Marilyn needed me to take her to pick up her car. Then she came over for tea. And I made Amish Onion Patties for dinner.

Now I hope to recover for a bit before I go out again.