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March 2018



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"Dragon Storm" and "The 6th Day"

I finally dumped "Dragon Storm" It was bad. Really bad. High school film project bad. I saw movies at college student film shows that were better. The dragons where very pretty I will grant that. But after going to all the effort to show the dragons coming from outer space why did they bother giving them only two legs. Comparative anatomy is only an issue if they evolved on earth.

Most of the total badness would have been fixed if the story had been set in America. If the two "kings" had been the Mayor and the Sherif of a small town the rest would not have sucked so much. Then the "king's daughter" who likes to go hunting on her own, the skilled woodsman passing through, the chinese marshal arts expert, and the four teenagers making out in the cave would have made sense. They could have had everyone wear their own clothes instead of those lame "period' outfits. And scenes could have taken place inside of different buildings instead of the same straw strewn stone courtyard.

It was really, really, bad.Dragon Fighter was better. I haven't seen Reign of Fire so I don't know how it compares.

The 6th Day on the other hand was better than I expected. It may not have been anything new but it was not that bad. The opening credits tell us that cloning people is illegal. The opening scene tells us someone is doing it anyway. The advertising has told us that the main character gets cloned involuntarily. So the plot is about him fighting for his life against the people who don't want to get caught breaking the law.

Biggest down points? The cloning technology is totally bogus. While it should be possible to use the same process to make a person as was used to make a sheep. That isn't what they do. The process in the movie takes a "blank body" and infuses it with the subjects DNA and then transfers a copy of the subjects "brain scan" on the blank clone. The process made sense in the Star Trek episode What Are Little Girls Made Of? or the Tin Man episode of SG 1 because those weren't cloning processes. But cloning a body is not the same as copying a mind.

The biggest up points? The technology looked really cool. Holograms, virtual girlfriends, football players with view screens in their helmets, news updates in you bathroom mirror, a business offering to clone your dead pet, cloned organs for medical purposes and cloned animals that are going extinct, these are not that outrageous. Religious fanatics who decide to kill all clones as abominations are also not farfetched.