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March 2018



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Sickness, Lab Hours, Family, and Job Applications.

Lets start with sickness. I was still not totally recovered this weekend my stomach keep making noises that drove we to my Terry Pratchett books. Particularly "Guards! Guards!" When Errol is having his intestinal trouble.
"It responded with a strange noise that sounded like a complicated blockage in a brewery." p126

"From the swollen stomach came sounds like a distant and complicated war in an earthquake zone." p 191

"From somewhere inside his swollen stomach came complex explosive hydraulic noises, as though desperate teams of gnomes were trying to drive a culvert through a cliff in a thunderstorm." p245

So that was me since last Thursday.

Sunday I did manage to get out and pick up some groceries and cat food. The cats had started gnawing on us.

I had been planning for weeks to go down to Binghamton on Monday to get blood drawn for some tests in preparation for my annual physical.

I called my mother to let her know I would be in town and she strongly suggested I bring down a copy of my Resume and cover letter since they need to be in by Wednesday morning.

Putting together a presentable resume kept me from leaving Ithaca till 1 on Monday. It was not till I got to the hospital that I found out that the blood lab closes at noon. Well it wasn't a total loss I talked to my mom about my resume, and she gave me some cool stuff. I got home at 5pm, much later than I had intended. My sister Gina called me to talk about my application and give me advice. She also e-mailed me advice and requested that I get back to her that evening with my corrected drafts of my resume and cover letter.

I had been planning on cooking a turkey for dinner. I had been planning on being home by noon instead of heading out at noon. I roasted the turkey anyway. We just ate it tonight instead of last night.

Today was a busy day at work for me and tomorrow looks like it will be just as busy. But at least my resume and cover letter are printed out and ready to submit.

I hate this part. I have never gotten a job that depended on the interview. But as my father said they have probably already decided, I just have to make sure I don't blow it if they wanted me. They have been working with me for a year they know if want to keep me. My mom pointed out that even if they want me they still have to make sure they can justify hiring me. I need to give then the proof on paper that I look like the best candidate.

I'm trying to not get my hopes up. It hurts to much when they are dashed.


stress out.


in the sense of "break a leg"


Thanks :-)
Oh my. I was hoping that you'd be over this by now. All I can suggest is that you refrain from eating the teakettle. I think that Errol's intestinal problems could be traced to the fact that Errol would eat ANYTHING. As I recall, he'd sniff everything first, and then eat it. Our cats sniff everything, but then they turn their noses up at most stuff.

I hope your interview goes well.

Roast turkey is SOOOOO yummy. And it's easy on the tummy, too.


I am better now. Still an occasional rumble but I am back to normal.

My understanding of Errol was that his tummy rumbling and his eating habits were both caused by his intestines rearranging themselves into a chemical rocket booster. He sniffed everything to determine it's chemical content, but there wasn't anything he couldn't use.

Luckily my emissions are not as explosive as Errol's.