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March 2018



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clinical hoarding

blaisepascal posted this link to pictures of one woman's hoard My apartment is not that bad, but it could be.

It reminded me of something I heard on the radio about hoarding among the elderly.

So I went looking for links.(fully aware that this is also a symptom of hoarding behavior)

Examining the Roots of Hoarding

Understanding Hoarding and OCD

Hoarding Facts

Understanding and Treating Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hoarding Fact Sheet - Beyond Pack Rat

The Challenge of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Hoarding By Daniel D. Christensen, MD; John H Greist, MD

Animal hoarding (Well I have been threatening to become a crazy old cat lady for years.)


That's funny...

You just came out on this LJ Match-up thing as "Biggest Digital Pack-rat," and I flip to my friends page and here you are talking about hoarding things. ;)

Re: That's funny...

OK so it fits but what does "Digital Pack-rat" actually mean?
What are they measuring?

Re: That's funny...

I am not sure...it could just be a humerous random category for all I know...

Maybe it means you have alot of bookmarked pages? Heh...who knows...

good grief!!!

most of the replies at the end of the pictures were extremely rude... but maybe it's just that 20 somethings use the f word and bitch etc... all the time in normal conversation now??? I dunno....

That woman's house really makes my clutter look GREAT.... even BEFORE I did some massive decluttering... eesh!

Re: good grief!!!

What amazed me about the comments was the complete lack of basic human compassion, the callous disregard for the basic humanity of others, the cold-blooded contempt,the disrespect, the ridicule, and heartless unfeeling distain.

It is clear that hoarding is a problem, it is a bigger promlem for the person who does it than for anyone else.

I am just apalled that so many people are so lacking in compassion for others.

Re: good grief!!!

I was disgusted by their ukind language and by her son's total lack of response to it... You would think he would at least be uncomfortable with people calling his mother such nasty things.... :(

Re: good grief!!!

What I personally found particularly galling was the fact that the son was mooching off his mother. She allows him to live under her roof, while she takes care of most if not all the finances necessary to keep a roof over his head and food in his belly instead of having him fend for himself as an adult should -- and this is how he repays her!

She didn't raise a son -- she raised a PARASITE -- and an ungrateful one to boot!

Please also note that Mr. Parasite's room was considerably less than military-type tidy.

Pot calls kettle black.

I hate hypocrits. I really, REALLY do -- especially ungrateful parasitical ones!