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March 2018



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not so random sentance book meme

This Book Meme brought to me by captain_grim

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions

"Undoubtedly one factor that prompts people to care for their own dead is the financial saving."

[captain_grim did not list the source of his quote so I didn't either. I am sort of torn about that. On the one hand without a title and author the quotes are so totally random that they take on whole new meanings. On the other hand for some of the results I have seen I really want to know what the book was. So, my quote came from "Caring For Your Own Dead" by Lisa Carlson. My most recent acquisition and the book that was on the top of my pile of books to be entered in my database.

There is also the question of how to count sentences. I counted full sentences. But if I had included the partial sentence at the top of the page my fifth sentence would have been "There have been costs as well as benefits from the American way of death." If we counted lines instead of sentences mine would have been "funerals are custom-made only in the same sense that"]


"Odds would give it away."

Gotta love Douglas Adams

"At eleven o'clock the phone rang, and still the figure did not respond, any more than it had responded when the phone rang at twenty-five to seven in the morning, again at twenty to seven, again at ten to seven, and again for ten minutes continuously starting at five to seven, after which it had settled into a long and signifigant silence, disturbed only by the braying of police sirens in a nearby street at around nine o'clock, the delivery of a large eighteenth-century dual manual harpsicord at around nine fifteen, and the collection of same by balif's at a little after ten."

When Being a Librarian is not cool

The book next to me is still the List of Classes of United States Government Publications...

p.23.l.5: "C 3.223/19: Census of Population and Housing: Advance Reports (Series 90-CPH-1) (Arizona)(P) 0159-B-03"

From the section on U.S. Census Bureau publications...

Running with Scissors- Memoirs of Augusten Burroughs

"But I am worried, Doctor. I do believe our lives are in danger."