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March 2018



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Father's Day Dinner

I had dinner with my parents. We had lobster, green salad, and crusty french bread. Apparently there is a sale on lobster locally, but only really big lobster. Mom couldn't get anything smaller than three pounds. Dad managed to get the smaller of the two lobsters into one pot. But we had to cut the other one in two and cook it in two pots. It was a bit disturbing to me to vivisect a lobster. The cookbook said that you can kill it quickly by driving a knife blade in just behind the head, so we did that. It didn't disturb me enough to keep me from eating it. I love lobster. I do wish I was a better daughter though. I feel so inept sometimes.


As you may know, I work at a seafood restaurant. I had the horror of watching a lobster vivisection recently, having never seen it before. Granted, they are "as humane as possible", but if "humane" means "stick you in a freezer until you're sluggish and then drive a blade into your head with a quick motion and split your body in half", then I'm sticking to lettuce out of the garden from now on, thank you very much. It was a little too disturbing for me.

lobster vivisection

Yep, that's the recomended procedure.
My dad didn't do the freezer step and was about to cut the tail off without doing the blade to the brain first, before I suggested trying to kill it before cuting it in two.

What people eat and why is a strange subject.

Inept Feelings

Gah...without getting into it too much (trying to remain in a good mood today), let me just say that I understand how you feel, and empathize with you quite a bit...