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March 2018



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Today has started off well

The first thing I did was try out my new theory of the cat box.

Recap: We have 3 cats, we have three cat boxes. Two of the boxes are in the Bathroom one is in the hall outside the bathroom. The kitten insists on pissing on the floor next to the hall box. I put down plastic to protect the rug. I purchased dog training pads to make it easier for me to clean up.

It is not the cleanliness of the box that is the problem for the cat. The day I bought the 3rd box and filled it with clean litter she jumped in, jumped out and pissed next to it. It was brand new and totally clean!

Some sources mentioned that depth of litter might be the problem. I had tried putting just enough litter in one of the sifting boxes so that it came up to the grate but not over it. She still pissed in the hall.

The other day while I reading this web site I got the idea to put the dog training pad in the litter box instead of litter. We know she likes to use the pad, and the major problem has been that she wads it up when she scratches afterward. The kick shield on the litter box can lock down the pad so she doesn't wad it up.

I tried it this morning and she pissed on the pad in the box. YAY! Now we just have to see if she will stop pissing outside the box. But at least we know what the problem is: she is a long hair and doesn't like to piss in litter.

J emailed me to let me know he purchased the dry rug cleaning products we need for the Dyson.

Then Manpower called. They have a temp position they wanted to know if I was interested. One month proof reading menus at a local food service software company. I should hear back today if they want me.

So, today is a good day. and I will close with a couple of funny short movies from kenshardik both have sound and neither is work safe. I like the second one better it has more of a British sensibility.

Drawn Together - Like South Park but Dirtier

Heap of trouble - Who would have known?
One naked man,
Two naked men,
Three naked men,
Four naked men,
Five naked men, and
Six naked men, and
Seven naked men, and
Eight naked men, and
Nine Naked Men just walking down the road would cause a heap of trouble for all concerned.


Is there more than one food service software company in town?

If not, say "hi" to some people there for me.

Re: Is there more than one food service software company in town?

not that I know of.

Unfortunately they have decided to handle the job internally.