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March 2018



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the look

Live from Brockport NY

Yesterday evening I drove to Elmira to rescue B & K whose car would not start. That is about a 1hr drive both ways [Total Est. Time:  54 minutes Total Est. Distance: 38.37 miles].

This morning I drove them back to Elmira B to go to work and K to arange to fix the car. I could do this because I wasn't working today.

After the car was towed to a garage K and I went to the Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum. Then we went to the Elmira Chamber of Commerce to get a map. Then we went to the Woodlawn National Cemetery where the prisoners from the Civil War POW camp were buried, and the larger Woodlawn Private Cemetery right next to it, where Mark Twain is buried. We tried to take a rubbing of a Masonic pentagram but we didn't have any charcoal. That took most of the morning. Then we drove to the Arnot mall and had lunch at Red Lobster (at 36.8 miles that is the closest one to Ithaca). I had lots of vegies, Garden salad, and broiled flounder stuffed with crab. I was so good.

After that we dropped back to the garage to find out what was wrong with the car. The mechanic told K the car was not safe to drive, she only had brakes in one wheel and you could see how that wheel was melting from the heat of stopping the whole car. The wheels were also out of alignment, worn, and cracking.

The reason the car wouldn't start was that the fuel pump was not getting electricity, probably a broken wire. Finding the broken wire and fixing it would also be expensive. The car is not worth what it would cost to make it safe enough to drive.

K's next idea was to drive to Brockport to borrow a car from her parents. She tried calling them but both her and B's cell phones died from lack of power.

So, here we are, in her parent's house, [Total Est. Time:  2 hours, 41 minutes Total Est. Distance: 129.02 miles] from Elmira, I have no idea how many hours from Ithaca, and her parents aren't home. [Total Est. Time:  2 hours, 29 minutes Total Est. Distance: 112.65 miles]



I made an occasional trek out to Elmira from Ithaca for special events at the Comics for Collectors store there, back many ages ago.

Never realized that Twain is buried there. May have to go see that gravesite if I'm ever in the area.


Re: Elmira

I've updated the post with links now.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

You're about 2.5 hours away from Ithaca. You will probably read this at home. Sorry you got trapped in Brockport. I hope you come home soon.
Ill notify Oprah that you could use a new car.
In unrelated news, I need some serious advice as to whether Im crazy or what.
Just look at this.
Is it me?
Just tell me and Ill shock treatment myself right away.
But man, Im really suspecting I could use some slack.


The one confused person seems to have wandered off. Everyone else seems to have understood.

Sarcasm and parody are difficult because they depend on the audience understanding that one means the opposite of what one says. It is a bit of a trust issue in many ways.

Call me old fashioned, but there's only one God. And his name is Ahura Mazda, the hawk headed overlord of silence and strength, who must be honored with the prurient blood of the Hittites!

LOL I loved this line.
You are a definite friend! I hope your journey home will be a safe one.

I am safely home now