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March 2018



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Ok I couldn't resist - "Canada Goes To Hell", "Brother, Can You Spare a Brigade?"

Legal pot? Legal gay marriage? Universal health care? What's next, free porn and candy? By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist, Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Canada's high court just ruled that the government can, if it so desires, redefine marriage to include gay couples, which it has declared it will do almost immediately, thus solidifying Canada's place as the chilly yet mellow and gay friendly and hockey-riffic epicenter of all known hell.

It's true. It's rather amazing. Gay marriage will be completely legal in Canada very soon. It's been oddly ignored in much of the U.S. media and hasn't really been much discussed among those in the terrified red states except when, deep in the night, from their respective lumpy twin beds, they whisper to each other across the room as they pop their Ambien and stroke their portfolios and curse their very genitals: oh my God what's wrong with those freakin' Canadians?

In other news
Brother, Can You Spare a Brigade? By Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, December 11, 2004
My (unsanctioned) mission on behalf of President Bush to drum up more coalition troops for Iraq is finally paying off.

I'm now at the end of my four-nation tour of the "coalition of the willing" (I'm skipping such other important members as Tonga, with 45 troops in Iraq, and Moldova, with 12). Since the White House has emphasized how firmly our partners are standing behind us, I interviewed the leaders of the Baltic nations and tried to get each of them to commit to sending 1,000 or more troops. No luck.

Then I tried street mobilization: I talked to dozens of young people in Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, flattering them by telling them how good they would look in a uniform and asking whether they would mind fighting for us in Iraq. Mostly, I got strange looks. (One woman in Latvia wouldn't let her boyfriend go to Iraq, but said she could spare her dad.)


I loved that Brother, Can You Spare a Brigade, too!


Oh awesome!

The Canadians I've talked with are all, "Like, whats is going on in America? I thought you guys all started the freedom and equality for everybody?"