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March 2018



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50 things to eat before you die

From witchchild 50 things to eat before you die.
See which one's I have tried

Bold if I haven't tried it. Italic if it is questionable.
1. Fresh fish (Frequently)
2. Lobster (Frequently)
3. Steak (Frequently)
4. Thai food (Frequently)
5. Chinese food (Frequently)
6. Ice cream (Frequently)
7. Pizza (Frequently)
8. Crab (Infrequently)
9. Curry (Frequently)
10. Prawns (At least once, if prawns are different from shrimp; frequently, if they are the same. )
11. Moreton Bay Bugs (Never. I had never heard of it.)
12. Clam chowder (Frequently)
13. Barbecues (Frequently)
14. Pancakes (Frequently)
15. Pasta (Frequently)
16. Mussels (Frequently)
17. Cheesecake (Frequently)
18. Lamb (Infrequently)
19. Cream tea (Once. When my family went to Victoria BC, we had High Tea at a famous hotel there. I remember the Clotted Cream and Scones.)
20. Alligator (Once. A local restaurant had fried alligator as an appetizer)
21. Oysters (Frequently)
22. Kangaroo (Never)
23. Chocolate (Frequently)
24. Sandwiches (Frequently)
25. Greek food (Frequently)
26. Burgers (Frequently)
27. Mexican food (Frequently)
28. Squid (Frequently)
29. American diner breakfast (Frequently)
30. Salmon (Frequently)
31. Venison (Infrequently)
32. Guinea pig (Never)
33. Shark (At least once)
34. Sushi (Infrequently)
35. Paella (I think so, it depends how you define it. It's basically what we used to call Spanish Rice.)
36. Barramundi (Never. I had never heard of it.)
37. Reindeer (Never)
38. Kebab (It depends how you define it. I've eaten meat on a stick on many occasions. We call them Speedies. )
39. Scallops (Infrequently)
40. Australian meat pie (I've had lots of meat pies, but never one billed as Australian.)
41. Mango (Frequently)
42. Durian fruit (never)
43. Octopus (At least once, as sushi)
44. Ribs (Frequently)
45. Roast beef (Frequently)
46. Tapas (It depends how you define it. I have never had anything called tapas. but I've had bar food and appetizers)
47. Jerk chicken/pork (I am not sure, probably)
48. Haggis (Never)
49. Caviar (At least twice)
50. Cornish pasty (I've had lots of meat pies, but never one billed as Cornish.)


Everything you mentioned as well as....

Alligator I would try, no problem. Cream Tea, sure, nobody has ever offered it, and I so want to try clotted cream and scones too.
But 1/2 mentioned I do not want to try either! Durian fruit now...I have to look that one up.

Re: Everything you mentioned as well as....

I have seen Durian fruit in some of the high end grocery stores around here.
Most of what I have heard about it is that it smells disgusting.
Moreton Bay Bugs don't sound appetizing but they look sort of like horseshoe crabs.

The BBC site I linked to had little articles about all the strange things.