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March 2018



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My Three Cats (638)

Well, actually only two of them are mine. Embar is Joseph's cat but since we all live together we have all bonded. I don't love Embar any less. I know that my Kip loves Joseph. Kip sleeps on Joseph's bed while J is on the computer and when K wants attention he yowls and head butts J. It is very cute.

If anything happened to me I would want J to get custody of the cats. We have discussed this and J agrees. Although I don't know if he would keep Arwen, well, on a daily basis I don't know if I will keep Arwen. She is a problem child.

Ember reminds me of the french dancers painted by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Mostly this is because of her short dark fur on her legs and head, in combination with the lighter fluffy fur on her thighs. The combination looks to me like the light petticoats of the can-can dancers with tight bodices and black stockings and long black gloves. I have been trying to get a picture of her washing her legs so I can show you the similarity.

Our three cats have the same sort of noble profiles, like lions. I have wanted to find (or take) pictures of cat profiles and faces to study the different 'races' of cats. Fur does effect the look of a cat's face though.

Our three cats have the same length fur, technically medium, short around the head but long in back. But each has a very different quality of fur.

Kip has a woolly coat, all dull and kinky, as if he had no guard hairs only undercoat. And his pattern is very dignified and formal, a gray suit with a white cravat and spats. He is a gentleman who likes to greet visiters. He is also a bit of a pervert and likes to groom our guests and burrow into women's armpits. He is a big footed cat with many toes. I had to have one of his claws removed from each of his front paws because the nail kept growing around and pressing into his pad. He also needed eye surgery when I got him. My poor little boy. Sometimes, when I think of what a gentleman he is I wish he had children. But with his medical problems it is probably best that he can't.

Embar has a silky coat, shinny and long, wet looking, mostly guard hairs with almost no undercoat. Her pattern is tortoiseshell, mostly black with bits of orangy brown and cream, almost brindle. She is schizoid, she sits next to me but if I touch her she hisses and bites, then runs away, then runs right back. She really hates Arwen, and has hissy fits much more often since Arwen arrived.

Arwen is still my kitten despite the fact that people keep telling me she is a full grown cat now (just as Embar was my kitten till Arwen arrived). Arwen's coat very dense with an even mix of undercoat and guard hairs. Her pattern is classic an some ways, a brown patched tabby with a white chin. I thought she might be at least part Main Coon. I always wanted a Maine Coon. I love the racoon tail and the bullseye side pattern (neither of which does Arwen have). I like big cats. I hoped she would be big because she was Maine Coon, but she is not bigger than any of the other cats. I think she is a bit small actually. She is stocky, denser than the other cats. And totally an attention slut. She needs to be near me all the time and has quite driven Kip out of my bed at night (I need a cat in my bed to sleep, doesn't everybody?).