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March 2018



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Some people never get over high school

Police: Mom Charged in Sex, Drug Parties

ARVADA, Colo. (AP) - A 40-year-old woman held sex and drug parties with teenage boys, telling police she wanted to be a ``cool mom,'' authorities say.

Sylvia Johnson allegedly provided marijuana, methamphetamine and alcohol to eight boys at parties she hosted at her suburban Denver home in 2003 and 2004. According to court papers, she admitted having sex with five of the boys.

One of the boys told his mother, and Johnson was arrested in December and charged with offenses including sexual assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to court papers, Johnson told investigators she was not popular in high school and had finally started ``feeling like one of the group.''

``She described herself as a `cool mom,''' police said.

Authorities did not say how many children she has or whether any of them were at the parties.

A message left at the number listed for Johnson was not immediately returned.

01/21/05 18:18


not getting over high school...

I was forced by my exhusband to pay to go to my 10 year high school reunion...
I was not reassured when they don't seem to still be in high school la-la land....
I won't be going back....

It's almost impossible for life to get any better if you were popular in high school.... and almost impossible for it to NOT get better if you weren't.... Amazing how the "popular kids" seem to have trouble letting go of that feeling....

Re: not getting over high school...

edit: I was not reassured when they SEEMED to ......
what's the big deal? she had sex with teenagers? that's news?

living in a puritan society is so strange for me


The big deal

I would have been less appalled if she was just in a relationship with one teenage boy like Mary Kay Letourneau. I am in favor of consensual sex and consensual drug use.

But in the case of young people "consent" is problematic. In the normal course of development everyone eventually gets old enough to consent, so I am in favor of assuming that people below the age of 18 really should be protected from sexual predators who take advantage of their naïveté. If you wait, eventually, you can have sex legally.

Drugging them first, and having sex with several of them, tends to make her look more like a predator and less like someone motivated by the best interest of the youths.

But to be honest the thing that appalled me most was that she was motivated by the desire to seem "cool" and "like one of the group" to teenagers. At 40 this women is still caught in high school. She is an example of how physical age does not make one a competent adult.

Reading that article about Mary Kay Letourneau, it seems like she had the same problem - some people have sex with children because they are not mature enough to handle adult relationships. i feel sorry for her but that sort of behavior really must be discouraged, for the well being of the young people.

Re: The big deal

it always seems odd to me when people talk about teenaged boys being "pressured" into having sex

having been a teenaged boy at one point, it's my impression that what you need to do to get a teenaged boy to have sex with you is to move &/or have the proper viscosity

the problem isn't that children have "bad" (as in inaccurate) judgement; they have excellent powers of discernment which just happen to come hardwired to a set of values that this culture is having some sort of issue with

& i think that everyone tries to be cool, it's just not cool among adults to use the term "cool" (or to show respect for youth culture in general)