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March 2018



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Happy Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow at a little before 7 am I will have lived 39 years.

This week has been nice.

The job has been going well.

I missed seeing my neighbor Sarah get her two new tattoos but I have seen them since (they are quite nice).

Friday my tax refund came in and I have ordered a couple of presents I don't think anyone else has bought for me.

Saturday my parents took me out to Kyushu for lunch, that was very nice. I had the Avocado Sashimi, a chicken dish, and a tempura banana for desert. The presentation of everything was very nice. The banana was done up to look like a dragon and had a carrot butterfly next to it on a whipped cream cloud.

Then today Joseph, Sarah, Chris, Sammi, Rauncie, and Tammy joined me for Dim Sum at the Hai Hong. I love that place. The waitress gave me a hug because I'm a regular customer and she was happy to see me.

Afterward I took Sammi, Chris, and Sarah to the Win Li market to by strange food (like the fish shaped ice cream sandwiches with red bean paste I bought for her birthday).

Then I went grocery shopping and came home.

[I lost my wallet in the parking lot at the grocery store and didn't realize it till I got home. Luckily someone turned it in to the store's lost and found. People really can be nice. :-) ]

Tomorrow Bu and Kaaren are coming by.

Wednesday I have to go to Binghamton for a doctor visit (the bruise from my blood test is almost healed) and dinner with my parents.

But this is working out to be a very pleasant birthday week.


Happy birthday!
Thank You
Thank You
Happy birthday! Love the icon.
Thank You

Happy Birthday!

And there are a few of us older than you in LJ land! LOL
I so miss exotic dishes living here in the backwoods. --Sigh--

Re: Happy Birthday!

Thank You
maybe I could mail you something :-)

Re: Happy Birthday!

What would last thru being mailed? I can't think of anything right off the top of my head!
Happy birthday!
Thank You
Happy, happy Birthday!
Thank You
happy biiiiirrrrrrrrthday to you!
*squishy hugs!*
Thank You
Happy Birthday day, Zhade!

You totally enrich my friends list. Thank you for that. Here's hoping your year to come is similarly enriched!
Thank You
I haven't seen you in a long time. I would love to change that.


Happy birthday, Zhade!! All the Brightest of blessings and a million gallons of love on your birthday!!


Thank You
You are such a firecracker. I feel invigorated just thinking about you.