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March 2018



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30 Days (the TV show)

So far I have seen half of the minimum wage episode and all of the Christian living with Muslims episode. I think it is great show. I have read a couple of critical blogs and reviews but from what I have read the critics just don't get the show.

The critics of the min-wage show felt it wasn't a realistic depiction of the way people on min-wage live. Well, the point wasn't to show how poor people actually live, the point was to show that people on min-wage can't live what a middle class person would consider a basic decent life. Yes they could have lived on peanut butter sandwiches and raman noodles and not gotten her UTI treated until it was an emergency. But human beings shouldn't have to live like that.

The critics of the Muslim episodes have complained that it depicted Americans as ignorant and prejudiced and that the main character didn't know anything about Islam. The point of the show was that he knew as much about Islam as the average American, but he was willing to learn. Anyone who expects that one month of study would make someone an "expert" is an idiot. David did not think he was an expert at the end of the month but he now has personal experience of what it is like to live as a Muslim in America. Anyone who hadn't already studied Islam will come away from the episode knowing more than they did.

The critics also complained that the show had an agenda, to show that Muslims are not all terrorists. Apparently saying anything positive about Muslims makes one unacceptably biased. Personally I would rather watch a show that intends to depicts minority groups as basically decent human beings who are just trying to live their lives in peace, than one that depicts pretty young people as back-stabbing assholes.


Hear, hear!

I forgot about this show. It sounded intriguing and I had meant to watch but my brain is swiss cheese these days and I forgot. This is the only “reality” show I’ve had any interest in. First of all, I question the “reality” aspect. I watched the last episode of “Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire” and, in addition to being offended by the very concept; I was able to pick the “winner” out of the parade of brides at the beginning of the episode instantly. She had the biggest breasts. Just kidding, that’s not how I knew. She had the most elaborate, flattering wedding gown. Sheer coincidence, I’m sure.

But this one looked like it might have value. I’m glad to hear a good review from you. I’ll try to catch some of it and I really wish I’d seen the minimum wage one.

I totally agree with your last sentence.
This must have flown under my radar because of my general contempt for reality shows, but this one sounds worth watching.


Something worthwhile on TV? Amazing. I would like to see someone who is upper class try to live on minimum wage! That would make one hell of a show!