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March 2018



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Last night was our first night without Arwen (and mole biopsy)

Yesterday J took Arwen to the local SPCA while I was at work (it had to be done before 4pm or I would have gone with him). So last night was our first night without her.

When I went to bed Embar let me snuggle her a little and she sat by head for a while. But she is less interested in sleeping by my head. So I had no quiet purr or little love licks last night.

Ember is a bit hyper and skittish. She can't hold still when I pet her. She doesn't really purr, she sort of hyperventalates. I always wondered why she would start panting when I cuddled her, I finally figured out she is trying to purr. But she is my little silky girl.

This morning I took up the plastic and the extra littler box. And sprayed "Nature's Miracle" over the hall carpet.

Embar will come in the bathroom and sit on the sink so I can pet her. But she will not do that cute thing Arwen used to do- reaching up to me to be picked up.

In other news Sarah, The Best Neighbor Ever™, has been helping me with my wound care for my mole biopsy. It is in the middle of my back and I have trouble reaching it to change the bandage or apply ointment. I have three stitches. I think this is the first time I have ever had stitches.


Yeah, Ember has been hyper lately. Today she hunted a wasp and was bouncing around the kitchen after it. She has been more affectionate and verbal than usual - perhaps trying like Lassie to let us know that Arwen isn't here and may have fallen in the well.

Ember does purr very quietly; you can feel if if you lay your hand on her.

I also sprayed a little "Nature's Miracle" on the carpet. I should have known you would have had time to do that as well as removing the plastic.

See you later tonight.

"Nature's Miracle"

Did you change the batteries in the sprayer? They seemed to be running down when I was using it.

Re: "Nature's Miracle"

Ah, that explains things a bit. I shall do so later today.