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March 2018



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"When I get a little money I buy books;

and if any is left I buy food and clothes." Desiderius Erasmus

Well... Ok I buy food first, then books, then shelter, then clothing.

Bought food last night, so it is books today.

Tomorrow I get the Papilloma off (Hopefully. This time.) The gash from the mole biopsy is almost healed. I get the results from that back as well.

To do:
Fill out and mail the questionaire for the umbilical hernia surgen.
Pay rent
Call Carol about tattoo
Do laundry
Catalog books
Put away books
Clean bedroom
Find broken glasses
Get broken glasses repaired
Get hair cut
Put boxes in attic
Try Soft Boiled Jello Egg recipe
Pay Chris $14 for wine
Buy more wine
Make Shirts
Make Festival Pants
Set up Treadmill
Set up Cat Playpen
Write Great American Novel(just kidding. I'm writing a wedding manual)
-Ritual Deck
-Oricle Deck
-Lesson Plans
-Ritual records
-Book reviews

oh well


One More Thing...

Fill out forms for housemate by Monday night
What is a cat playpen?

And by the way, the little hamster/gerbil photo you use is adorable!
Thanks for the icon love

Cat Playpens $141.90 value and I got it free

akkkk its a cat jail...LOL

so who gets to be the jailbird? hehehehe
I bet its your little escape artist.

Re: akkkk its a cat jail...LOL

The Beast calls it a "Tokyo Hotel". She says these were considered a step up from standard boarding.

Definitely for Embar. Joseph would be inconsolable if anything happened to her.

She likes confined spaces: she sleeps in the cat carrier in the living room, and has a secret den in the book case behind the sofa, and is always hiding in the linin closet. (I tried putting her in the closet last time I wanted to leave the doors open but Joseph said "She got her tail stuck on the doornob" I don't even know how that is possible!)

We can leave it open and see if she likes hanging out in there, like she does in the cat carrier.
Wotta Deal!