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March 2018



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Jill's visit, TV, Event Planning, Toastmasters, daily grind

Last weekend gordon92151 visited. I haven't seen her for years, and I finally got to meet her Dear Husband, Ted. She is blaisepascal's birth mother, my mother in the craft (and a kick as priestess). That was a nice visit. Ted seems like a fine, intelligent, and witty man. They took us out for dinner at Aladdin's on Saturday, and Dim Sum at the Hai Hong on Sunday. (Ted appreciated my spread sheets.) We took them to the Farmer's Market. The Ithaca Farmer's market is worth seeing. Then gordon92151 spent some quality time catching up. She really is an intelligent woman and a delight to talk with. Now that I have caught the sound of her voice again I can really hear it in her writing.

I finally saw Tokyo Godfathers with blaisepascal and zimarra on Monday. It is a charming fairy tale. (There is a strong message about fatherhood in the movie, which reminded me to call my father, who's birthday was Monday.)

Tues I watched "Gilmore Girls" and "My Name is Earl" with J and Tammy. (And caught up on "The Daily Show", "Surface", and "Medium" which J had taped for me. Yay J! Greatest Housemate Ever! )

Wednesday I made dinner and watched "Lost" and "Invasion".

Thursday (last night) I went to the Toastmasters meeting down the road. I am planning on joining. I need to work on my public speaking skills. It was a nice meeting. They were having an area-wide humorous speech contest.

The pancake breakfast on Oct 30 is in the works. (I am still trying to have lunch with Fern) I have sent out announcements for my "Gods and Mehn" workshop on Nov 17. And now I'm thinking about a Caffeina Festival in February. But I need to talk to people at the Church about it.

Oh and Friday I made the wire frame for a spider for our "Interdependent Web of Life" float for the Ithaca Fest parade. I need to talk to some people (at the Church and the Ithaca Fest) about that too.

I am having trouble with my chair at work, I need to fix it. And tonight zimarra comes over.

Oh, my daily routine lately has been to get up, drive Sarah to work, park the car, go to work for 2 hours, move the car, work for 2 hours, go to lunch, work for 2 hours, move the car, work for 2 hours, pick up Sarah, go shopping, go home, watch TV, go to bed, repeat.