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March 2018



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Holy Clothing! Beastgrl

phoenixmedusa is an Evil Woman!

She came into my workshop last night looking like Kirstie Alley in a beautiful burgundy top and black velvet skirt.

She assured me that the top was of a generous enought cut to fit me.
She even let me try it on when we got back to my place. It was a little tight but Holy Clothing sells a larger size.

So, she is an Evil Woman because I just bought 3 tops from Holy Clothing. I haven't puchased premade shirts in years! And really should not have bought 3! (but they are really nice.)

Thanks Rauncie :-)


I would love to know when Indian dresses became Witchy/Gothic...
*drools at the entire first page*
I would love to know when Indian dresses became Witchy/Gothic...

When the marketers figured out who was buying them.

But it sounds like these are not "indian" dresses. The copy on the site indicates the clothes are designed buy them. And I think the terms "Witchy" and "Gothic" refer to parts of the design (i.e. the sleeve style or the embrodery patern). But I would have to sit down and chart out the names next to the pictures to be sure.
Bitch. Evil temptress.

You're trying to make me broke. I can tell. ;-)
At least you can get some of them BEFORE you go broke ;)

Oh No! You caught me!

But, if I'm going to suffer for all these nice shirts my friends should too.

Holy Clothing, Batman!

I've been buying stuff from them for a few years. I have two dresses I wear for ritual (you saw one at skitten's First Degree - it was silver, the other is black), and a skirt, some tops, and a sundress for real-world clothing. Thaelo and Mowgli have also bought some stuff from them.
Money-saving hint: go to eBay, search for that seller. She puts a LOT of items up all at once. Some of them are fixed, buy-it-now prices, but others are actual auctions. If you watch the auction items, you can occasionally get stuff for a good chunk less money than the store prices. However, that only works with stuff you're willing to wait for. I waited 2 months to get a specific top I wanted, but I had the time to wait and wanted to save the $$.
Also, be sure to wash them in COLD water, and it's best to hang them up to dry. They will shrink a bit in the dryer, so if you're happy with the size as they are, definitely hang them up to dry.

Re: Holy Clothing, Batman!

I remember liking your dress. But I have to buy clothing with distracting paterns or I can only wear them once. I am a stain magnet. Those vast expances of silver cloth wouldn't last an hour on me.

What sold me on phoenixmedusa's shirt was the intricate embrodery all down the front, the "antique" die, and lastly that it might actually fit me.

I did hand wash the shirt in cold water (with Woolite no less!) and hang it up to dry. And the fringe on the bottom has started unravelling! I could have done without the fringe in the first place, but to have it not even survive the first hand washing really makes me wonder the point was.


I am so glad you got some shirts.
Also be aware that they do tend to bleed when you wash them so dont wash them with anything you dont want to turn colors...and I agree...hang them to dry.
I have found with their clothes that the sizing really has to do with the cut and way each shirt is made. That shirt I had on last night I should have gotten a smaller size but because it buttoned I was afraid it might be too small in my regular size. It actually works good that size for me though because I love the length of the sleeves on me.
Yep Holyclothing.com rocks!!!!
Now if only they had men's clothes!