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March 2018



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Dental surgery update

Everything went well, although not as planned.

Both times I have had surgery with Dr. Noren he has done less than what we agreed to do beforehand.

The first time We agreed he would pull #16 and maybe #31 if things look good. But the day of the surgery he suddenly says that he doesn't want to even consider pulling #31 for all the same reasons Dr Ormsby didn't wanted it pulled. Ok. But we discussed those things beforehand and he didn't object then! WTF!

So this time we agreed he would pull #1, #17, & #32. And then we I get there he says he doesn't want to pull #1 (the one that hasn't erupted). OK. I hadn't thought that was necessary either. But we discussed that beforehand and he didn't object then! WTF!

Originally he said they were going to knock me out for this extraction. So I was waiting to lose consciousness but never did. Since they weren't digging out #1 they decided to go with IV sedation instead of knocking me out. Well OK. But that wasn't what we discussed.

On the plus side this has been a low pain procedure. The worse part was sticking the IV needle in my hand. That hurt. I have no memory of #17 coming out, it must have popped out as easy as #16 did. #32 was a problem though. It crumbled and they had to section it and take it out in pieces. Distressing, but I don't remember any pain.

B was there when I was finished and took me to the drug store for my Hydrocodone And picked up some ice cream for me. My whole lower jaw was numb and I had trouble talking or drinking for several hours. I couldn't take my pills because I couldn't feel to drink.

I was really out of it from the anaesthetic. I was lying on the couch and B was reading a book waiting for J to give him a lift home. And every time I lost sight of B I thought he was gone. He was sitting 3 feet away and I kept asking when he had left.

I don't remember much about the afternoon. Sarah dropped by before she left for work and fixed up a tea bag for me to chew on. J went shopping when he took B home and picked me up some chocolate pudding. Tammy came by at around 6 for her Gilmore Girls evening with J. I ate more solid food than the Dr would have approved.

The left side (#17) feels fine but the right side (#32) is sore and still bleeding a bit. I have very little swelling and it is all on the right side. Tammy said she looked a lot worse when her wisdom teeth come out. People have been telling me their "Dry Socket" horror stories, I really hope that doesn't happen to me. So far my pain and bleeding seem to be on the low end of the normal range.

I still recommend Dr Noren. His pain control measures are very effective. And when it comes to surgery doing less than discussed is better than doing more than discussed. And he called in the evening to make sure I was OK. Very good follow-up care.


Thanks for posting an update. I was concerned.

dentist update

Thank you for your concern.

I HATE THE DENTIST! They ALWAYS cause me pain!

and OMG! If i ever get a wisdom tooth... im gonna leave it in there! =S After looking at that site.... *CRINGE*

The last time i was at the dentist, i was so hysterical, that they jabed needles in my arms!!! But then after that... all i remember is waking up the next day in my own bed!... Then i thought... all that for a bloddy filling...




I hear you there. I would not be doing any of this if the pain from the one that needs root canal hadn't driven me to it.

Last time they gave me Valium (Diazepam) beforehand and Nitrous Oxide during, both of those are to control anxiety. (They also used the a numbing gel before they injected me with the lidocaine. I really hate needles.)

I think the Valium is very important. I had less anxiety with the Valium and Nitrous Oxide than with the IV sedation.

The IV sedation has an "amnesia effect" (which explains why parts of yesterday are missing). Unfortunately it doesn't stop one from Being There At The Time! (which is what I was hoping for). They don't like to knock you out because that increases the chance of DEATH (which I was willing to risk).

Definitely ask for Diazepam and Nitrous Oxide if you can get it.

while you were out...

will be typing up the ritual outline today- we randomly assigned you stuff ;)
including being the potential goddess understudy (We're doing Shiva and Shakti)

Re: while you were out...

Shiva and Shakti should be done by sexually active couple.

Re: while you were out...

While I agree with you, Buddha didn't want a god role this time...
and Twist did...
Also- we are looking at it as energizing the energy snake up the spine with their assistance rather than as requiring us to be sexual active for it to work...
If you can convince Buddha to change his mind....
I will talk to Twist about it... but I don't want to end up hurting her feelings with the change... so we'll have to be careful....

Re: while you were out...

I wasn't there for the discussion. If Twist is comfortable working Shiva and Shakti energy with you I won't object.

Re: while you were out...

I'll talk more with her about it... just to be sure...
Hooray! Glad to hear you're on the mend.
Thank you

Re: You rock

yes :-)
Thank you
(it doesn't appear to be showing up here, but I was able to click from the email notification)