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March 2018



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Holy Clothing update

My shirts have arrived

The first one arrived the day before Thanksgiving. But the others were shipped direct from Indian and didn't arrive till last night.
I got three styles. All of them fit so I'm happy about that.

This "GREEN GYPSY/WITCH Plus Size Gothic TOP/SHIRT Sz 5X" is the most simple shirt of the lot. Simple fabric and embrordery, Mother approved - for business formal wear. If it didn't have the fringe on the bottom I would buy one in Black, Burgundy, Purple, and Blue. Well, the fringe could be cut off. It is a nice shirt. Also avaliable with velvet panels "BLACK VELVET/LACE Tassel GOTHIC TOP/BLOUSE/SHIRT NEW 5X"

This "BURGUNDY WITCH/GOTHIC SATIN Flare Cuff PEASANT TOP Sz 5X" is my fantasy from childhood shirt. I think this is the style phoenixmedusa was wearing. Excellent Witchy Wear! I wouldn't mind having this in Black, Green, Purple, and Blue.
"Introducing the ultimate HolyClothing Peasant Top! Starting with the fit - the discreet back ties ensures a tapered Gothic Corset look that accentuates the hem and bust flare. The stunning all-georgette frill that graces the bottom hem and cuffs adds class and form. Georgette frill runs up the insides of the open bell-cuffs for a flowing Angel flare effect.

The Button-Up front is blessed with superb Gothic lace embroidery. And let's not forget the fabric! Premium quality butter-soft washed viscose with front satin inlay and pure satin cuffs! Please spend some time on the photos to appreciate the workmanship, quality and attention to detail that only HolyClothing can offer you. Like the quality of the georgette frill. The craftsmanship of the embroidery. The discreet back tie for optimal fitting and unseen details like the satin chest inlay (double-layered with viscose underneath for form and strength)."

This "BLUE GOTHIC/VELVET Victorian CORSET TOP/SHIRT Sz 5X" is from their "Romeo and Juliet" collection. Another childhood fantasy come true. As J put it "a good shirt for festive holiday gatherings". A bit too much of a fantasy for business formal I think.
"GOTHIC/PEASANT Lace-Up CORSET TOP/SHIRT" is the same patern only in viscose instead of velvet.

There are photos in the gallery


If you don't want the fringe I'd be happy to put it in the crazy quilt I've been planning... since things have gotten more orderly in the craft room I may be able to start that project soon :)

fringe in a crazy quilt

I suppose you will have to see it for yourself to understand that that is not an option. It just isn't that kind of fringe. And, as I mentioned in the comments to my previous post about the shirts, the fringe has started unraveling after just one hand washing.

If I cut it off it would just be little pieces of gnarled thread.

Re: fringe in a crazy quilt

sounds like garbage can fodder...
I am in LUST! Those are GORGEOUS!

*exits muttering to self "must. pay. mortgage. after January. after January."*

Love the stage directions

Tracy recomends going for the auctions to keep the prices down.
Don't worry, the little Indian people will keep making more shirts.
Mine were shipped direct from India. :-)

Re: Love the stage directions


The stage directions go back a LOOOONG time.

Get J to tell you the meaning of:

*out of character, out of character*


I am so happy you like them and that they fit.
Yes, that burgendy one is the one I have. I love their stuff.
You are right...getting them from ebay is much better..that is what I do to keep the price down.

Re: Wonderful!

I'm afraid to wash the new ones after what happened to the first one.
How do you wash yours?

Re: Wonderful!

I want to know too, since it looks really ornate and pretty.
I adore their stuff and have accumulated several things...silver asymetrical skirt, blue halter sundress, 3 piece outfit in blue, black asymmetrical shirt, blue velvet mirrored jacket and my white tank style long dress that I wore at our wedding.
I have to stay away from their site as its hard to resist buying more of their beautiful stuff. Unfortunately most of what I have is only wearable at pagan events but I bought most of it to wear at Starwood.

Inapropriate clothing?

I am really clueless when it comes to fitting in.
I can understand why you wouldn't want to wear these cloths to your work, they wouldn't take the hard wear of your job.
But why can't you wear them for non-pagan social events?

Re: Inapropriate clothing?

I guess I could wear the skirt or the 2 piece outfit or the jacket but the sundresses are just too bare and for some crazy reason I don't feel comfortable that exposed anywhere but with my pagan companions.

I tend to dress in ways as not to draw too much attention to myself in public, comes from being too self-conscious about my body and being judged or laughed at.

I wear scrubs at work :)

Re: Inapropriate clothing?

"I tend to dress in ways as not to draw too much attention to myself in public"

That is probably a good idea. I don't generally watch the make-over shows on TV. But I have noticed that the results are usually non-descript. I can understand it when people go from looking like their clothes are ill fitting or just ugly. But they take these people who have character and style and dress them so you would not notice them in a crowd.

I also noticed at work when we have meeting of the businees leaders, the people who are amking all the econonomic decisions for our community. That they are a bunch of old white men who are dificult to tell apart.

Our culture says we value individualism. But the power goes to those who fit in, not to those who stand out.

"...comes from being too self-conscious about my body and being judged or laughed at."

There are times when I feel that way too. I really have two gears: Full Stop, and Full Speed Ahead. When I am feeling down and insecure, I want to be invisible (or have a body guard). When I am feeling good about myself I fly my colors and rush in "where angels fear to tread" :-)
Oh, if you're a bird, be an early bird
And catch the worm for your breakfast plate.
If you're a bird, be an early bird--
But if you're a worm sleep late.
-Shel Silverstein