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March 2018



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Visit with Wolf and bloodsong1, and To Do List

Busy day yesterday.

I got out of work promptly at 5 so I could pick up The Beast at her work and get to Ralph's Ribs by 5:30 to meet blaisepascal, skitten, kenshardik, kinnerc. We were having dinner with my childhood friend Wolf and his wife bloodsong1 who were visiting from Colorado.

After dinner I had promised The Beast that I would take her to the grocery store to buy vegetables.

kenshardik had to go on a Guild Raid, and kinnerc had other obligations. blaisepascal, skitten and bloodsong1 were discussing tattoos so I convinced them to meet us at Medusa Tattoo and talk to Carol. Wolf already has at least two tattoos and he started discussing a new one with Carol. She does beautiful work I am happy to direct more business her way.

We lost blaisepascal and skitten after that. So just bloodsong1, Wolf, The Beast, and I dropped in on elwood2005's new condo. Unfortunately he wasn't answering so we moved on.

We got bloodsong1 and Wolf to go to the Nest while The Beast helped me drop my rent check off with the landlord.

The Beast and I have been planning my idea for a Neo-Socratic Symposium. We have agreed to have it on February. But she says the invitations should go out Saturday. Saturday is also the last day of the old postage rates. The Beast agreed to model the Greek outfits (chiton and Chlamys More Greek clothing) for the invitations. But she is going out Friday so last night was really the best time to take pictures of her.

So we spent most of the evening taking artistic nude photographs of The Beast. There is a reason why we call her the Best Neighbor Ever™ . If I have time I will post some of the pictures to my Flickr this weekend (if someone bought me a Flickr Pro account I could post more *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*). [But of course since kenshardik has more free time he has already posted some]


I also have pix of Wolf and Bloodsong's visit up at Flickr.
outstanding beastly pictures by the way :) And I think I can delete the other comment because I was geek enough to figure out how to see yesterday's pictures (ray me!)
Thank you so much for the info. We will be doing a toga party very soon, and I do not want to look like I'm just wearing a sheet. I'm going to look for some decorative pins and ribbons for tying things.

Toga Parties

Just my luck my first visitor and I'm out at Tops lol

Yay! You're back online!

How are you enjoying Ithaca so far?

Re: Yay! You're back online!

Yes the cable guy hooked me up yesterday:)
And I've been enjoying what I've seen of Ithaca so far