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March 2018



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Cook for a Day

Some of the meat I just flash froze so I can throw it in the crockpot (for which I purchased crockpot liners).
2 disjointed chickens (3 meals)
3 bags of stew beef (3 meals)
1 bag of thin sliced beef for stir fry (2 meals)

I started by making the bread crumbs
then I made low-Carb Sunflower seed and Parmesan crackers
Rouladen (3 meals)
Turkey meatballs, baked (35)(3 meals)
Roast Beef (2 meals)
Ground beef, cooked (3 meals)

Tomorrow I want to make:
Beef meatballs
Minestrone soup
Zucchini Meat loaf
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I am very interested in your sunflower seed and parmesan cracker recipe, if you don't mind sharing. If the ingredients test out for me I'll make them for snack - they sound yummy!

Wow, incredibly ambitious cooking project. Good for you to do so much advance planning.

sunflower seed and parmesan cracker recipe

1 c raw hulled sunflower seeds
1/2 c parmesam cheese
1/4 cold water

Preheat the oven to 325F

Put the seeds and the cheese in a food proccessor (w/ S blade) and process into a fine meal. Add the water and process untill mixed. It will be firm and sticky.

Put the dough on a cookie sheet lined with parchement paper. Put another piece of parchement paper on top and roll flat, but not too thin. Height is not as important as uniformity, (thinner spots will cook faster and may burn). Cut into squares.

Bake until golden. (The recipe said 30min but that was too long. they should still be pale when you take them out, not brown, they don't taste good burnt.)

They are very fragile, and crumble easily.

Re: sunflower seed and parmesan cracker recipe

Hooray, just two ingredients! I hope that parmesan cheese test out ok for me, if so I'll be sure to make them. :)

Re: cheese crackers

Another nifty low carb treat, if you can have cheese, is to take shredded cheese (whatever kind you like, I use cheddar) and sprinkle it over a flat plate and microswave it for 1-3 minutes, until it is bubbly all over (not just melted but actually bubbling). Then take it out and let it start to cool. While it is still warm you pry it off the plate and move it to a paper towel to blot off the grease. While it is hot you can mold it into a bowl for taco salads. Or just let it cool to a crispy cracker.

Re: cheese crackers

Nifty! wildrider does this but in small rounds for her parmesan "crackers."
What is brajole?

meat rolls from around the world

Brajole, or more accurately Braccioli, is the italian version of Rouladen. Basically take thin beef roll it up around whatever scraps you have in the kitchen and simmer it in some sauce.

The italian version uses pine nuts and bread crums in red sauce.
The german version usualy uses mustard and pickles in broth (for some reason, although that is not the recipe my father taught me).