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March 2018



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Tolerating Intolerance (pudding)

The Best Neighbor Ever has one thing that she is fairly intolerant of. I'm generally in favor of tolerance but I indulge her in this one thing since it does make her physically ill.

When we were shopping the other day she got very excited about some Chocolate Fudge Jell-O pudding mix, and I suggested that we buy some Lactaid Milk and make it. But I couldn't afford it that day. She does so much for me I like to do things to make her happy so Friday I bought 2 packages of Chocolate Fudge Jell-O pudding mix 1qt of Lactaid Milk and 1qt of WestSoy Low Fat Plain Soymilk (although she has since expressed a preference for Silk).

We did an experiment to see which works best with Prepackaged Pudding mix Lactaid Milk or Soy Milk.

The Results were:
The Lactaid Milk pudding set up perfectly.
The Soy Milk pudding did not set up at all.

The Beast said they didn't taste any different than regular pudding. But I though the Soymilk was a bit thin.

The Beast believes it is the milk fat that thickens the pudding. It is possible that a Soymilk with a higher fat content might work better.


Hey Eva, do you think it's possible that you could pick me up on your way to Kaaren and Buddha's house on Tuesday? Unfortunately this semester I have a class until 6:30 pm, which means I have to either bum a ride or come fairly late.

Car service

Bu may be barowing my car on Tuesday. But I think we can make arrangements to pick you up one way or another

Re: Car service

Okay, that would be really helpful. I can meet you guys anywhere on campus--easiest thing might be for me to just come to the Textor circle right after my class.

Re: Car service

Ok. Where is the Textor circle?

Re: Car service

Oh, well, it's the main pickup circle where all the buses stop, outside Textor Hall, where the flagpole is? You have to make a right when you come in through the campus entrance and go until you see the flagpole. But if that's too much trouble I could meet you in the Terraces circle, where you dropped me off last year.

Re: Textor circle

Buddha says he knows where Textor circle is and will pick you up at 6:30.

Re: Textor circle

Buddha says he knows where Textor circle is and will pick you up at 6:30.
This boy don't dig soy ;(

Soy intolerant

Do you "not like" it? or does it make you physicall ill?

Our Friend zimarra lactose intolerant and allergic to soy, that mean no soy oil or soy sauce. And she is vegetarian. She is much harder to cook for.

Re: Soy intolerant

soy tastes like poop


As far as I can tell, the thickening agent in this brand of instant pudding is cornstarch, which wouldn't rely on milkfat at all. This brand of pudding can be made with non-fat milk, which has no milkfat. However, cornstarch will only thicken once, so if the heat under the soy version peaked, tapered off, and then re-peaked, it might have wonked up the pudding. (You may have noticed when reheating Chinese food that the sauce comes out runny - it's the cornstarch.)

Re: pudding

This was the no-cook kind.

We really tried to keep the condictions constant.

Sarah tried adding the lactose free milk to the soy pudding to make it thicken and claims it was partially sucessful. Since she froze the rest of it and we ate it as Fudge-pops I couldn't say.
This is interesting. Hubby is lactose intolerant so it's good to know the alternatives in case he wants a treat. I wonder how it would come out with rice milk? Probably thin/runny like the soy milk, but with good flavor.


As chezelliott mentioned the "cook and serve" kind of pudding uses cornstarch as a thickener and should work just as well with rice milk.

Properties of Soymilk

I also noticed a slight thickening as I mixed, before it returned to soup.