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March 2018



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last night

The ritual went fantastic.

I was a little frazzled at 6pm but that was mostly from trying to wear my wings in the car.

After work I went to the King Buffet for dinner. All the little waitresses came fluttering around me, Oh-ing and Ah-ing over my wings. I felt like Tatania, Queen of the Fairies with all her attendants. After dinner I went shopping at Tops. Not quite as much stir. People kept calling me a butterfly or an angel. They are clearly fairy wings, angels have feathers.

After that I was tired and neede to take santuary somewhere. So I went to Kaaren's house. She helped straighten out my wings and gave me some seltzer to drink. I felt much better. She also provided the skien of yarn so I didn't have to go to Jo Anns.

I have discovered that I am nuch more grounded at big rituals if I arrive early and set up. So I was at the hall at 6:45. We didn't have the Chapel till 7pm and we didn't have the Founders room till 8pm.

the first guest arrived at 7pm, Erin. Shortly after that some of the Druids from Cortland arrived. Then I'm not sure of the order, Joe, Kaaren, Bu, Talp. More early guests. we had quite a little gathering in the foyer. I realized that we had cider and soda but no cups. I asked the Cortland Druids if they could get us some cups and they did. That was a great help. Must put cups on the list for next year.

Then it was 8pm. Most everybody went into the Founder's room and set up. Bu and I went into the Chapel and set up.

The Ritual was wonderful. Everything went as planned. The skrying fire got a bit scary at times. At one point I almost jumped up to put it out. And I kept hearing a beeping noise I thought might be a fire alarm. It would be embarassing to set off an alarm while working for the fire department. But nothing caught on fire and no alarms went off. I felt calm and relaxed. It was a pleasant ritual.

Afterward we went over to the founders room and had a pleasant party.

Today at work. I am alone again. So that is good. An tonight I am off to NYSPA.


Spiritual Night

I had a very spiritual night in my own supermodel, clubstar sorta way. Christopher started laughing hysterically when we drove by the Kingdom Hall in Ithaca. They were in full session praying for all the poor sinners celebrating Halloween. Christopher is a JW survivor. There he was sitting in my car in full drag, on his way to a Halloween bash, driving by the temple in which his family was probably chanting away his sins or some such. It was a perfect Watchtower moment. It was really quite hysterical!

Re: Spiritual Night

I wish I had pictures of me in my fairy wings.

I saw the pictures of your costume and you look Marvelous!


Thank you sweetie!