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March 2018



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Local Pet Supply Store

I just want to thank compostwormbin for telling me about
Ithaca Grain & Pet Supply
1011 West Seneca Street
Ithaca, NY 14850-3329

I would never have gone there without her recommendation (and directions). It is tucked away behind a much larger building (where I once worked for a few weeks). From the outside I had assumed it was a "Grain & Feed" store the kind of place farmers shop at. But inside it is a crunchy specialialty pet store. They have two store cats. And lots of local fliers and cute little hand written signs.


Hey you're very welcome. :)

It's a great place. I wound up there because my cats weren't doing so well on their food. They were so nice and gave us free samples of a variety of foods to try. We found one that works really well and the kitties are much healthier for it.

Their resident ambassador kitty is absolutely adorable too. And very friendly.
Ithaca Grain is one of Ithaca's best kept secrets- but it shouldn't be a secret! Everyone should know about it- a locally owned store that's NOT about glitz and glamour- but about giving your pet the very best! I will buy my food ONLY at Ithaca Grain and have for four years now. So glad you got turned on to this place!!! Turn on as many others as possible- it was word of mouth that brought me there too and they depend on their customers to get the word out far and wide!!! :)
Sorry, thought I had mentioned it to you at some point. I used to get the World's Best Cat Litter there before ordering it online. If I recall correctly they don't take plastic, which may be why I didn't go back there after I stopped ordering online. Yes, yes, bad Ithaca resident, bad Pagan, no cookie.

Ithaca grain & pet

They took my plastic.

I may not have understood where you meant. And in any case I was not as motivated to find them until I wanted this low carb cat food for Ember.