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March 2018



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Fast'n'Healthy Restaurants

So, today I had another great idea that I'm never going to follow through on.

A fast food service for healthy food.
Fast'n'Healthy Restaurants
"We know you want to eat healthy but you don't have the time."

Basically it would take:
a nutritionist to approve the meals
a database program (such as the one CBORD makes) to track the menus
a site with lots of specialized food prep areas to avoid cross-contamination
a drive through window
delivery people (with scooters generally, but at least one ATV)

Basically all the meals would be designed for special diets: macrobiotic, vegan, low carb, elimination.

No white bread just whole grain.
Deserts made from Splenda
People could drive up and order from the menu,
Or call in orders for delivery.
Or sign up for a food service where they pay in advance and all their meals would be prepared and delivered without them having to do anything.

The advantage of the food service is that the client's food preferences could be entered in the database so the dietitian could custom design the menu around them.

The drive up menu would list the nutritional information right up front so people would know what to order to stay on the diet they want to stay on.

No sugary sodas, just diet sodas, soymilk, ricemilk, coffee, chai, tea, and herbal infusions. (you could choose between cream, soymilk, ricemilk, or dairy free creamer for your tea or coffee)

The deserts would all be sugar free. No sugar, just honey, molasses, and no-cal substitutes.

The meals would all have good helpings of veggies and precise measured servings of protein and fat. And each meal would be a percentage of the recomended daily caloric intake.


Great idea.

Though do we even know how safe Splenda will be in the long run, and does it even taste good? What about Stevia?

Plus, I think molasses is absolutely barforific.

And for soda you could do club sodas with juices. Some friends of mine have made their own soda before and it was AWESOME! Rose petal soda, nettle soda... Yeah, good stuff.

Yes but...

Even if Splenda causes cancer at the same rate as cigaretts, it is still healthier than sugar to a diabetic.

Stevia is an option for some applications. But it is a little bitter sometimes, and it can't do all the things Splenda can.

I love molassas, especially the unsulfered kind, with sulfer I tend to agree with you. My low carb cookbook uses molassas in place of brown sugar.

We could do a juice bar and definitly offer seltser water. But juices are really only a little better than soda in terms of nutrican and sugar content. My mom always said "Eat a piece of fruit instead". And whole fruit, & fresh or pickled veggies make great healthy snacks.

does it even taste good?

Splenda is the best tasting sugar substitute so far. I baked a cake with it for a party and no one noticed.

I used to do Nutrasweet, but since Splenda came out I have switched from Blue to Yellow.

Re: does it even taste good?

fruit juice and applesauce would also work to sweeten some dessert-y options.
I have thought before that a healthy fast food place would be a good idea for a business. But I never fleshed out the idea in the detail you have. I would definitely eat there if it existed. :)

I think that a simpler version of this concept is possible, with the more complex elements added once the business has taken off. I don't think that either a nutritionist or database would be needed initially. Just have menu sections for each of the special diets listed and offer 5-6 options in each category.

My Two Cents Worth

Here's a suggestion: Have a mix of things, because people who want to eat healthy may also be buying for friends who aren't. So have some of the regular sandwiches and so on available. I would also recomomend having wheat breads for those people who like them, as well as non-wheat breads for those who can't tolerate them or want something different. As a bread fan, I also recommend unusual and specialty breads -- on sandwich shop in San Francisco had a delicious curry bread that I still think about. It makes a difference. I would also have a mix of sugary soda plus regular soda. You will broaden your appeal that way. I am concerned that you won't have a broad enough appeal to the general public to keep your business operating otherwise.

Don't forget juices and smoothies. Very popular and healthy (although high in calories).

As a regular person who would like healthy options fast, but isn't on a special diet, I would like the option of knowing the calorie content per portion size. I have also wished for fast Asian and/or Thai foods (sans rice for me--calories!) that I could get really fast. I love veggies. Mmm, good.

I would suggest having a lot of mix-and-match options. People like to make their own choices, but would probably appreciate being able to look up information. If your foods fit in with specific diets, such as vegan or South Beach, you might have icons on your menu or nutrition info to show where they fit in.

Just some ideas.

Re: My Two Cents Worth

because people who want to eat healthy may also be buying for friends who aren't.

I don't see any need to cater to unhealthy eaters. It wouldn't hurt people who don't eat healthy to eat one healthy meal. There are a lot of "regular" sandwiches that are perfectly healthy.

I would also recomomend having wheat breads

I didn't say no wheat breads. I said no white breads. I was planning on whole grain breads.

I am concerned that you won't have a broad enough appeal

Well, this is aimed at a niche market. If you try to please everyone you may end up pleasing no one.

Don't forget juices and smoothies. Very popular and healthy (although high in calories).

That is the sort of thing I really don't want: things that seem or sound healthy but actually aren't any better then soda or candy.

Check this out: http://www.nutritiondata.com/

The problem with juices:
Coca-Cola, 6 fl oz 79 calories
Orange juice, 6 fl oz 75 calories

The Good
This food is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Thiamin and Potassium, and a very good source of Vitamin C and Folate.

The Bad
A large portion of the calories in this food come from sugars.

Ok, the juice has more nutrition, but it has about the same amount of sugar. Whole fresh fruit is better food. And unsweeted tea is a better drink.

mix-and-match options...icons on your menu

Yes, those are good ideas.
This concept has been made real, but of course, it's in Manhattan. And it's $$$$.
There used to be a service here in Newburgh where I work that was strictly food delivery. They did not make the food, but they ran a delivery service for about 30 different local restaurants/delis/etc. I thought it was a great idea, but it didn't last very long.

food delivery.

Transportation costs would be a problem especially with gas the way it is. One kitchen => many houses is bad enough. But many kitchens => many houses just makes things exponentially worse.

Any speciality service works better in a high density area.