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March 2018



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Wiccan on Wife Swap

I didn't see the show. And really, they set it up and edit it to reenforce popular values.
"What we have seen is that by the end of the show, the values of the poorer, hard-working, get-up-at-four-in-the-morning rural folks prevail. The lessons learned here are significant for both sides. The mother with the rich background invariably finds she has not spent enough time with her family because she has been too focused on keeping herself svelte or dressed in the latest styles.

The rural family, we find, usually learns that their moms (and sometimes their kids) need to be appreciated more and should not be taken for granted, or viewed simply as laborers."

But from reading the Episode Guide (Thompson/Askam-Schwartz Airdate: 03/06/06) I would rather be the Wiccan than the House Slave.

I have nothing against Homemakers, but women should have dignity, just because you have decided to be a housewife for a living doesn't make you a slave to every male animal in the house. This woman puts the dog's needs above her own!

Ok the Wiccan is a little wacky at times, and a little over the top about the "I'm a Goddess Worship Me!" stuff. But if you just read the rules, the manual, and the exit interview the Wiccan comes off as a reasonable person. She sets limits for her children and makes reasonable rules, she does acknowledge that her husband is a God and her equal (even if she doesn't actually treat him that way) and she is open to hearing other opinions.

But the House Slave is a total wacko!

It just reminds me that intolerance frequently out survives tolerance because of the obvious i.e. Tolerant people are willing to listen to other opinions and possibly change their position to get along, and intolerant people are not.

Sometimes it is good for tolerant people to be intolerant, especially about intolerance.


Dear me, that reminds me of this post(http://shiv5468.livejournal.com/223075.html) by shiv5468 ...

I think you could check the lady's lj out ...
I know Bella, and while she is a bit wacky at times, she's also NOT what they portrayed her as...She spends all day at home with her kids (as opposed to what the other mother insinuated), her older daughter who is homeschooled has a real curriculum, and the whole "coven conflict" thing was completely staged.

According to her, the film crew pushed the coven members to come over after the ban, which they actually didn't do...the footage of them supposedly being there was from BEFORE it. And they also tried to push Bella to do more "flaky" stuff that she wasn't comfortable with.
Also, since you didn't see the show...Bella made the other husband stay at home and do housework all day, and took control of the money (he had to ask HER for money before he could buy anything), so he could see what it was like.


That sounds like what I was reading about the show.

It doesn't surprise me that they tried to spin her for more wacko and conflict. That is what the show feeds on.
Yes, I've quite frankly gotten a very intolerant attitude towards those whose very life is about perpetuating the I'm-right-and-I-don't-hear-you conservative types.