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March 2018



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Goddess Temple. Another Good Idea I'm not going to do,

So, I have this idea for a Temple of the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names.

I'm thinking it would be a small octagonal stone building. With a heated slate floor. It would need to be slightly raised so the water heater and the pipes can be accessed in the basement, (I'm thinking a outside access to the basement). With a ramp up to the front door (handicapped accessible and ascetically cool!).

There would be round windows on six sides. The North side would just have a central alcove with a statue (maybe Millennial Gaia or something bigger, but some kind of Earth Goddess). And the South side would have the door, with half-round window on either side so it looked round. (or if all else fails one of these ) And the roof would have sky lights in each segment.

The lighting would light the walls that would have little shelves with statues of goddesses from all over the world. And some pedestals standing around with more statues of goddesses.

There would be a few wooden benches to sit on and some big cushions for sitting on the floor.
Actually it should be part of a temple complex, and this building in particular should be one of three. The other two in the set should also be octagonal.

I'm thinking the Temple of the God should have two narrow windows on each wall to flank the statues of the gods. And two narrow strip windows on either side of the entrance door.

And a Temple to the One, The Biological Union of the Outward Duality, Ardhanarishvara, Asushunamir, all the hermaphrodeities. A temple to the union of masculine and feminine. It could have statues of hermaphrodeities, sea horses, butterflies, hyenas, lizards, snakes.

People could come in and mediate and burn candles for their particular deities. It is something that I don't see anywhere.

The rest of the temple complex would have big kitchens and ritual rooms. But a house just for the gods is something I can see a need for.


I've had that idea, too. The Temple of Many Goddesses :)

The Temple of Many Goddesses

See, it is a good idea :-)
That sounds absolutely beautiful.

And you know what would be really cool? *grins* Building the temples out of earthship materials. Smaller footprints and self contained.


I know Earthships are popular out there. But I wonder if there is some problem with the theory when it comes to the New York climate. I can't find any references to Earthships being built out here, and I have to wonder why that is. It isn't as if we didn't have enough hippies who would want to try it.

Re: Earthships

What are Earthships?

Re: Earthships

They are partially underground buildings built with recycled material.

Earthship From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is a bit disturbing to find out that the guy who invented them, Mike Reynolds, "was forced to give up his architect’s license due to a settlement in New Mexico".

Earthship Biotecture

My idea is more influenced by the Chaple at Annabel Taylor (beautiful, and with a heated slate floor) and a program I say about a Roman bathhouse. The Beast asked if there would be a water feature in the temple. I hadn't planned one, water can be so tricky. But if I'm heating the floor with steam there will be plumbing there already so it wouldn't be hard to add a fountan in the west. Or just put in one of those plug in fountans.

Re: Earthships

To me, water is very intuitive/goddessy. I think it would make a good addition.
I think it sounds great...wish you could do it! Maybe starting with a mini-temple in your home is an idea?

mini-temple in your home is an idea?

Well... I have shrines all over my home.

But literally no room for a Temple (except that mini-parthenon I bought). And the Temple Idea is for a public temple that people can come and go from as they wish (need to install security cameras). I wouldn't mind having it in my front yard, but not in my house. And right now I don't own a front yard.
If you can't build it physically, it would make a lovely virtual temple with ideas for meditation topics/foci, places to thank the god/goddess/one, offerings, etc.

virtual temple

Hmm... I wondered why I had such a clear image of it. It is partially based on meditation visualization I read.