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March 2018



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Todays Acomplishments -(Ta Da List)

Well, I went to Island Health and Fitness and checked them out. They look reasonable. I think they could help me with exercise and weight loss. The guy who talked to us said the best deal is when you sign up as a family member with someone over 60 as the primary member (over 60s get a 20% discount). So I called my parents and told them about it. They live in Vestal, an hour away. But they come up here a lot and I don't think they have anything as nice down there. My parents are reasonable and responsible people who make good decisions, It is generally a good idea for me to run things by them.

Then B&K went with me to Lowes. Lowes has electric carts! Yay! I wasn't looking forward to walking around there. They cut me some 2x4s for the Puppet Theatre Proscenium I'm making. And I got a bunch of other stuff for some home repairs that have been on my list: shelf for the Parthenon, fix the owl lamp.

So, I got a bunch of stuff on my lists moved up a step. But I didn't pick up my prescriptions, go to the WDC, or go to the Co-op, or pick up the puppet things I need from Michael's. Well there is always tomorrow.

Now I'm off to fix a lamp.


I love Puppets! :)


Wel maybe some day we will meet and you can help with the puppet show.

Re: Puppets

I'd love that :)
You go Zahde!! chezelliott and I are joining a gym that will allow us to go in the weee hours of the morning. And it looks as if they will have taichi too!

Gym in the weee hours

I may be able to swim in a heated pool at 6am. Are your hours any more weee than that?

Re: Gym in the weee hours

I work from 3pm to 11:30 pm. Chezelliott works from 4pm to 12:30 am. And we are usually up till around 4am or 5. I wake up at 12:50 pm to get ready for work.