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March 2018



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To Do and Ta Da

Ta Da

Yesterday I was tired and didn't get much done. I did finally manage to pick up my prescriptions. And I went to a Toast Masters meeting, which I haven't done since December when we had the holiday pot luck dinner. They were very happy to see me. Arlene even called me to remind me to come, I didn't get her call but I went anyway.

Today I went to the phlebotomists and let them pull some blood for Dr Van Doren. I went to the bank for a roll of quarters for laundry. Then I met zimarra for lunch at Short Stop. Then we went over to B&K's (who had forgotten that Zimarra was going to be in town today). They called Marilyn and we all went to Michael's to pick up the rest of my supplies for the Puppet Theatre. We needed to go back to Lowe's for paint. Then we went to Friendly's for another meal. Then I dropped Zimarra off at the library and came home to take a nap.

To Do

The Beast and The Benjamin have gone to Rochester today. So I hope to get some work done on the Proscenium while they are gone. I will try to take pictures as I work so I can put up a page showing how to do it.

Today I need to set up a work table. Take a picture of the materiels. Cut the notches in the 3 boards. Take a picture of the notched boards. Paint the boards. Begin assembling the pieces.



Thanks for the Eostar card! Was very nice!


holiday cards

I'm glad you are enjoying them.

It is because of artists such as yourself on my card list that I go to the effort to make my own art for those cards.

I've already got an idea for the next one.
A wonderful card!!!! And, The Best Neighbor In The World makes a great model!


I too find her aesthetically pleasing :-D
I'm glad you are enjoying the cards.

Re: card

I may have missed a posting somewhere. What is all this about a puppet theater?

Re: puppet theater

Well, you commented on the first post about it
It is basically my idea for a public access TV show.

Re: puppet theater

Thats right! Don't mind dain-bramaged old me!