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March 2018



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Swimming and Sleeping

Friday I had my intake appointment for my sleep study. I will be sleeping at the hospital on May 9. They gave me a nice little handout telling me what to expect.

I finally made myself a lap counter for swimming. And because I was using the counter I walked a full 36 laps, 1 mile. (I blame mowglikat for setting an example.) It took me an hour and ten minutes to walk that far. I used to be able to walk a mile in 20 minutes, on land.

I went grocery shopping and then home. Lucky for me J had ordered pizza because I just had time to eat dinner before I had to go back to the gym for my fitness profile. That was pleasant, but not as intense as I had hoped. We shall see.

I called my mom to let her know how I was progressing. (I was very proud of that mile.) I wish my mom would be less negative.

I meant to go to the gym again today but it didn't happen. On the up-side the Beast and Ben are back with Ben's new tattoo. And Ben is taking me to Dim Sum tomorrow, or rather today, Sunday. If we can find where the Hai Hong has moved to.

Oh, check out PimpMySnack, it is another fun cooking site.


You walk at roughly the speed that I swim.

I think it's totally excellent that you did the mile. Congratulations! And so quickly too...you've only just started, and the determination to make the mile carried you through pretty fast. I'm sorry your mom wasn't so supportive. What did she say?

I think it's great. I'm proud of you. Because I know all the ways you can self-sabotage and NOT do the mile...so I know all the times you must have told yourself that you were actually going to do it and talked yourself through it.

I'm proud and excited for you. It's neat stuff. I think your time was actually very good. When you're walking through water, it slows you down immensely. The woman I mentioned in the previous post was really focused and determined, and she walks her mile at roughly the same speed, maybe even a little slower. You must have been bookin'!

Walking a mile

Thanks for your encouragement :-)
I'm glad to hear I'm making good time. I have no refereence for how long it should take.

I'm sorry your mom wasn't so supportive. What did she say?

I'm sure she didn't mean to come across as negative. She wants me to lose weight and she was unhappy that the fitness advisor didn't give me more nutritional advice. She really wants me in a diet program where I watch what I eat and get weighed on a regular basis. I had forgotten that part of my argument in favor of this gym is that they would offer a weight loss program. (she is the one paying for the gym)

But nutritionally I'm really pretty good. We rarely have deserts in the house. The only snack foods I buy on a regular basis are peanuts and fruit. We don't have any soda in the house. I don't drink alcohol, coffee or tea in quantity or on any regular basis. I'm on a low carb diet and have stopped buying white flour, potatoes, white rice, white bread, and plain pasta (they have whole grain & fortified pasta now). I do sometimes eat those things, at parties and restaurants, but I have cut way down. My main drink is lemonaid made with splenda.

Last night's dinner was skinless chicken breast mole with brown basmati rice, and tonight I'm planning on spaghetti squash with meat sauce.

But back to the gym. The fitness counselor (and my doctor) want me to keep up the water exercise. The fitness counselor wants to add more flexibility and weight training. But after she saw how difficult it was for me to work with the machines she just cajoled me into agreeing to add a daily stab at the recumbent step machine.

I really need the encouragement for what I am doing. My mom just sees all that I'm not doing, and worries about me. The effect is that when I call her to tell about my accomplishments she says "That's good. What about this... and this... and this..." And I come away feeling like I haven't accomplished anything.


First off, sorry about the sleep study and well talking about food has made me hungry...

now i will make my point before i get carried off...

I read your post in Ithaca_ny about needed a camera person...

first off i support public access, second i am thinking about working in production, and third i love working with cameras....

god there i go getting carried away again... sorry... any way i am re plying to your “Looking for local person interested in Camera Operation” any way i am local ish... meaning i go to Ithaca several times a week, and as far as camera operation is concerned, i am fluent with numerous styles of cameras, i am willing to learn about broadcasting, production, and well anything else that you need. I love to be behind a camera whenever i can get one... leave me a comment... sorry for the rambeling...


Re: Hello


I have lots of ideas for content but could really use more help in camera operation and production.

If you want to learn editing PEGASYS offers a class. The field class is just finishing up so next month will be the studio class.

When will you be in Ithaca so we can meet? I'm unemployed right now so I'm fairly flexible. (except for the nights I'm taking classes - Monday- Wednesday & Thursday 6-9, Tuesday & Thursday 3-5)

Re: Re: Hello

sounds great... but

ack... right now i am a high school student, and day hours are sucky for me. also my mother and i tend to go to ithaca togather, because my car is in the process of being fixed. is there an email adress that i can use to give you my contact details?

Re: Hello

My email is sheherazahde at yahoo.com

I would be very happy to meet your mother and talk to her about about what I'm doing.

There is probably a public access program in Binghamton that you could take classes at.

What grade are you in?